Vivaan Bhattacharya – Champion of the Month

Vivaan Bhattacharya - Champion of the Month

Chess KLUB hosts weekly tournaments to giv our students an opportunity to perform and compete. Hence, we wish to share with you the results of this week’s weekly tournaments and some brilliant games.

Chess KLUB Monthly Championship

The week began with the Chess KLUB Monthly Championship, where we had incredible participation of 121 students that competed against each other through 9 rounds.

Vivaan Bhattacharya won the monthly championship this month with an amazing score of 8.5 out of 9. Vivaan played an exhilarating game against our runner up Aman Sreshta in the 7th round.

The game began with the Queen’s Gambit that Vivaan accepted, and the game continued to be rather equal, followed by the two exchanging their queens on the 10th move. Vivaan used his rooks to form a battery to pose an attack on Aman’s king. Aman defended this attack but became a pawn down, which was further followed by the opponents exchanging all the remaining minor pieces and one rook each. Aman then regained his lost pawn, and the position was completely equal.

On the 51st move, the two opponents decided to take a draw by agreement. Aman completed this event with a marvellous score of 7.5 out of 9, followed by Advit Gupta, in third place, with 7. 

Chess KLUB Beginner Tournament

In the Beginner Level Tournament, we had Vihaan Sri as our champion with a spectacular score of 5.5 out of 7.

Vihaan played an interesting match against our second runner up Yeshwant, who had a score of 4.5. Vihaan opened the game with his knight, and Yeshwant blundered a pawn in the opening. On the 11th move, Yeshwant blundered his queen, giving Vihaan a major advantage. Yeshwant then lost his knight and bishop and was at a large disadvantage. On the 17th move, Yeshwant lost the game on time.

In second place, we had Yajat Biyani with a score of 4.5. 

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Chess KLUB Intermediate Tournament

The Intermediate Tournament held on Sunday had 44 students participate with Vivaan Bhattacharya as the champion at this event with a wonderful score of 8 out of 9 rounds.

Vivaan played an engaging game against our second seed Jethin Bastin who had a score of 7. The game opened with the Italian Game Opening and Jethin lost a minor piece in the middle game. On the 20th move, Jethin blundered his queen, making the game an easy win for Vivaan. The end game was between Vivaan’s rook and bishop against Jethin’s king. Vivaan cornered Jethin’s king to the ‘a’ file and checkmated his king on the 51st move.

In third place, we had Adhvik Manoj with a score of 7 out of 9. 

Chess KLUB Advanced Tournament

In the Advanced Tournament, we had Sanjey Ramachandran at the top of our winner list with a perfect score of 6 out of 6 rounds.

In second place we had Adithiyaa Vasudevan with a score of 4.5 out of 6 and our champion and runner up played an interesting game against each other. Adithiyaa was at a disadvantage from the beginning due to a knight blunder he made in the opening of the game. The game then continued error free for a few moves till Adithiyaa made a queen blunder on the 20th move. This severe disadvantage forced him to resign on the 20th move.

In third place, we had Archit Singh with a score of 3 out of 6. 

Beginner Battle Arena

In the second round of tournaments, we had the Beginner Battle held on Wednesday with Yajat Biyani as our champion with an excellent win rate of 80%.

Yajat played an aggressive game against our runner up Eshan Kadri. The game began with the Nimzo-Larsen attack and was significantly equal till Eshan blundered his rook in the midde game. This blunder forced Eshan to resign early into the game. Although Eshan did not win this game, he had an overall win rate of 75% followed by Vihaan Sri in third place with a win rate of 80%. 

Intermediate Battle Arena

Ayush Sarraf was the champion of the Intermediate Battle with a spectacular win rate of 77% followed by Jethin Bastin in second place with a win rate of 73%.

Ayush played a very interesting game against our second runner up Rushil Karande who had a win rate of 57%. The game began with the Italian Game Opening- Two Knights Defense Variation where Rushil blundered his bishop in the opening. Ayush then posed a queen fork on Rushil’s knight and rook cauisng Rushil to lose his knight as well.

Ayush used this advantage to pose a strong attack on Rushil’s king causing Rushil’s king to be exposed. While defending his king, Rushil lost his queen to a bishop pin. Ayush checkmated Rushil on the 20th move making him the winner of the game. 

Advanced Battle Arena

Finally we had the Advanced Battle Arena where we had Adithiyaa Vasudevan as the champion with a win rate of 55%.

Adithiyaa played his best game against our runner up Sanjey Ramachandran who had a win rate of 50%. The game opened with the Italian Game Opening with the Hungarian Defense variation and Adithiyaa threatened a strong checkmate in the middle game. To counter this threat Sanjey exchanged queens which was followed by Adithiyaa wininng a pawn.

The two then exchanged all their minor pieces and rooks and created individual passer pawns. Adithiyaa converted his passed pawn into a queen first and Sanjey did the same on the next move. Adithiyaa pinned Sanjey’s king and queen causing Sanjey to lose his queen forcing Adithiyaa to resign. In third place we had Devansh Pamecha with a win rate of 40%. 

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This week saw some incredible results and exceptional games and we hope to see similar results every week.

Congratulations to all the winners.