Adithiyaa Vasudevan – The One with the Aggressive Gameplay

Adithiyaa Vasudevan - Player of the Week

In the spirit of competitiveness and for the love and passion for the game, we bring to you our weekly tournaments, where each student gets an opportunity to display their skill in the best possible ways. Here are some of the best games of the week and our weekly winner list. 

Chess KLUB Open Tournament

This thrilling week began with the Chess KLUB Open tournament with 90 budding chess masters competing against each other. Adhvik Manoj was our runner up with an amazing win rate of 80%.

Adhvik played an interesting game against Advit Gupta that lasted 65 intense moves and ended as a draw. Adhvik won a pawn in the opening, and the game continued to be equal till the middle game. The end game saw a rather interesting turn of events. Advit then won a pawn in the end game and managed to make a passer pawn which then became a queen. Adhvik soon followed by making a queen himself. Since Adhvik had another passer and Advit had one too, the two made a queen each once again.

Unusual situation?

These queens too got exchanged after which Advit managed to make his last queen. Finally, Advit had a queen, and a king on the board and Adhvik had a pawn and his king. While trying to stop Adhvik’s pawn from becoming a queen, Advit placed his queen at a spot that caused a stalemate, and the game ended as a draw.

Sanjey Ramachandran was our second runner up with a wonderful win rate of 75%. 

Chess KLUB Beginner Battle

Sunday Funday?

Definitely a fun day for us at Chess KLUB. We begin the day with the Beginner Battle with 37 upcoming stars playing against each other. Our champion was Reyansh Bansal with an outstanding win rate of 100%. Reyansh played an aggressive game against our second runner up Aariv Upadhyay, who concluded the tournament with a win rate of 28%.

Reyansh opened the game with the Scandinavian defence. Aariv blundered his bishop after which Reyansh posed a major attack on Aariv’s king. Aariv blundered his queen while trying to defend the queen and resigned soon after.

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Chess KLUB Intermediate Battle

The second event of the day was the Intermediate Battle Arena with Vivaan Bhatt as the champion of the day with a remarkable win rate of 89%.

Vivaan played a brilliant game against Ayush Sarraf who ended the tournament with a win rate of 58%. The game opened with the four knights defence, Italian game variation. Vivaan exchanged his knight and bishop for Ayush’s rook and a pawn in the middle game. On the 18th move, Vivaan gave a knight fork to Ayush’s king and queen, making him a queen up in the middle game. On the 31st move, Vivaan ended the game with a back rank checkmate.

Our second runner up of the day was Leon Mathew with an excellent win rate of 92%. 

Chess KLUB Advanced Battle

Finally, we had the Advanced Battle Arena with Archit Singh as our winner who had a win rate of 60%.

Archit played an engaging game against Adithiyaa Vasudevan, our second runner up who had a win rate of 40%. The two opponents shared an equal match till the middle game. On the 18th move, Adithiyaa made a queen blunder giving a massive advantage to Archit. Adithiyaa then resigned on the 19th move, making Archit the winner.

In the second place, we had Srithika Kasalingam with a record-breaking win rate of 100%. 

Beginner’s Battle Arena

Our second round of Battle Arena tournaments saw some interesting games beginning with the Beginner Battle Arena tournament where our champion was Reyansh Bansal for the second time in a row with a win rate of 78% this time.

Reyansh played an extremely tactical game against Sathvik Gonepudi, our second runner up who had a win rate of 60%. Sathvik tried to trap Reyansh into the Scholar’s Mate, but unfortunately, that did not work on our champion. The game then took an interesting turn when Reyansh tried the same and successfully trapped Sathvik’s king, checkmating him on the 8th move.

Our second seed here was Deepsy Patel with a wonderful win rate of 56%. 

Intermediate Battle Arena

Our second Intermediate Battle of the week had 40 participants with Shiven Patel as the winner with a marvellous win rate of 76%.

Shiven played a beautiful match against Jethin Bastin in his final round. The middle game was more or less equal with double pawns for Shiven, but the real action began in the end game. Unfortunately, while capturing a pawn, Jethin blundered his rook on the 28th move, giving Shiven a huge advantage. Shiven then went on to make his second queen, and the game ended with a checkmate on the 48th move.

In second place we had Vivaan Bhatt with a great win rate of 71% followed by Adhvik Manoj with a win rate of 75%.

Advaned Battle Arena

The final battle for the week is the Advanced Battle with Dron Das as our champion of the day with an excellent win rate of 75%.

Do our Advanced students play like pros?

The game between Dron and our runner up Saket Reddy is an example of professional players competing against each other. Saket blundered a pawn in the middle game followed by Dron giving a beautiful king-rook fork giving him a grand advantage. Dron used this to his advantage and posed multiple threats on Saket’s king. Saket resigned on the 28th move but completed the tournament with a win rate of 44%.

In the third place, we had Druheen Das with a win rate of 60%. 


Brilliant games make our spectators, coaches and team elated always, and this week was nothing but back to back brilliant games.

We hope to see the same in the next week as well.

Congratulations to all the winners!