Vivaan Bhattacharya – The Tactical Master

Vivaan Bhatt - Player of the Week

Chess not only sharpens minds but helps in prolonged concentration and an increase in attention span. It has proven to be extremely therapeutic in multiple cases and has wonders with fresh minds.

We at Chess KLUB feel incredibly proud to be involved in such a wonderful process and always encourage student participation at our tournaments to fas track this beautiful journey. To increase their motivation to participate, we bring to you the winners of the week and some of their incredible games.

Chess KLUB Open Tournament

The week began with a bang where one hundred and eleven brilliant minds competing against each other on Saturday at the Chess KLUB Open Tournament.

After three hours of vigorous competition, Advit Gupta won the title with a  win rate of 90%. The most gripping game of the week was between Advit and our runner up, Vivaan Bhattacharya, who had an incredible win rate of 65%. Advit had a powerful attack on Vivaan’s king. This attack was protected by Vivaan’s bishop. After an attack on this bishop, Vivaan moved his bishop, allowing Advit to invade his king’s territory leading to a checkmate at the edge of the board with two rooks.

In third place, we had Sriranga Narapuram with a win rate of 84%. 

Chess KLUB Beginner Battle Arena Tournament

Sundays are not a holiday here at Chess KLUB as our battle arena tournaments keep our members busy.

This busy day starts with Beginner Battle Arena Tournament where we saw 47 students participate this week. The champion of the event was Adhrit Naskar with a spectacular win rate of 68%. His most eventful game was against Esha Abhilash. Adhrit played the elephants gambit followed by strong attacking forces on Esha’s king causing Esha to lose a rook in the exchange. Adhrit then used this advantage in the end game and went on to win another rook. There was no stopping for Adhrit and he converted this advantage into victory.

In second place here we had Johan Chavara with a win rate of 54% followed by Donnel Mathew with a win rate of 82%.

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Chess KLUB Intermediate Battle Arena Tournament

The second event of the day was the Chess KLUB Intermediate Battle, where we had an incredible performance of 60 students.

The winner of this event was Soham Dhavalikar with a win rate of 68%. Soham’s last match with our runner up Vivaan Bhattacharya, who had a win rate of 58%, was a game everyone enjoyed. The middle game saw a fairly equal distribution of points until Vivaan tried to do a back ranking checkmate that cost him his rook. Soham ha an immense advantage in the end game thanks to this extra rook and soon created a queen and won the game.

In the third place, we had Adhvik Manoj who had a win rate of 67%. 

Chess KLUB Advanced Battle Arena Tournament

The final event of the day was the Advance Battle Arena tournament where the professionals battled it out through the afternoon.

Aman Sreshta took home the title with a fantastic win rate of 88%. Aman played an extremely gripping game against Joshith Vurimi that saw some bold moves and tactics. Pressure by Aman on one of Joshith’s pawns in the middle game allowed Aman to be a pawn up before the 20th move. This pawn advantage allowed Aman to create a passer pawn in the end game forcing Joshith to use his rook to stop Aman from making a queen causing Joshith to become an exchange down. This advantage was judiciously used by Aman leading him to victory.

In second place we had Advit Gupta with a marvellous win rate of 92%. 

Chess KLUB Beginner Battle Arena

The second round of tournaments takes place on Wednesdays which once again begins with the Beginner Battle Arena tournament that takes place for two hours.

Among these upcoming stars, we had Johan Chavara as the winner of the afternoon with an incredible win rate of 62%. Johan’s first game against Vaibhav Lokeshwaran, which saw some interesting twists and turns. Johan played a very aggressive game posing constant threats to Vaibhav’s king. This caused Vaibhav to lose his rook and then his queen. This advantage allowed Johan to soon checkmate Vaibhav’s king with his queen and rook.

Vaibhav played splendidly throughout the tournament and secured the second position with a win rate of 47% followed by Andrea Sam in the third place with a win rate of 80%. 

Chess KLUB Intermediate Battle Arena

The second event of the day is the Intermediate Battle where we had forty-two participants take part in this neck to neck competition.

Rishab Ghosh stole the show with a win rate of 81% with his most gripping game being against our runner up Vivaan Bhattacharya, who had a win rate of 73%. After posing an attack on Rishab’s rooks twice, Vivaan went onto miss a checkmate threat that allowed Rishab to enter into Vivaan’s secure territory leading to checkmate by Rishab. In third place, we had Adhvik Manoj with a win rate of 65%. 

Chess KLUB Advaned Battle Arena

The final event of the week was the Chess KLUB Advanced Battle where we had Ishant Gandikota as the champion of the event with a win rate of 78%.

One of the most spectated games was between Ishant and the runner up of the day Dron Das, who had a win rate of 78%. Opening with a regular Giuoico Piano Opening moving into some intense attacks from both sides. Ishant posed a discovered attack on Dron’s queen while checking his king as well, causing Dron to lose his queen in the middle game. Winning Dron’s queen gave Ishant a huge advantage that he then converted into a victory.

Druheen Das was in third place with a win rate of 67%. 


Seeing some fresh names on the winner’s list this week warmed our hearts and this delightful experience has made us extremely eager to see similar results and games in the following week.

Congratulations to all our winners.