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Your one stop reference guide to opening strategies in Chess.

The fate of any game of chess at any level is often determined by the first few moves. Will the game be a tough, tactical, and dynamic battle? Or will it be a quiet, slow, controlled, positional game?

Or will it be somewhere in between?

Your choice of opening moves has a large impact on the rest of the game, even on the outcome in most, if not all, cases. From Open to Semi-open, Flanks to Reverse Openings, Classical to Hypermodern, there is so much to learn about chess openings that thousands of books have been written and published on this topic.

Complete Guides

Sicilian Defense

Sicilian Defense

Ruy Lopez

Ruy Lopez Opening

Queen’s Gambit

Queen's Gambit Guide

Slav Defense

Slav defense - Mainline

English Opening

The Symmetrical Defence -1

Petrov Defense

The Petrov Defense

Nimzo Indian Defense

Nimzo Indian Defense

King’s Indian Defense

King’s Indian Defense

Italian Game Opening

Giuoco Piano

Réti Opening

The Reti Opening

French Defense

The French Defense

Catalan Opening

The Catalan Opening

Apocalypse Attack

Apocalypse Attack

Berlin Defense

Berlin Defense

Caro Kann Defense

The Caro Kann Defense

Guides on Variations

Alapin Variation

c3-Nf6 Main Line - Alapin Variation

Accelerated Dragon

The Reti Opening

Sicilian Najdorf

The French Defense

Drazic Variation

Sicilian Defense Drazic Variation

Canal Attack

Sicilian Canal Attack

English Attack

Sicilian Defense - English Attack

Kramnik Variation

Sicilian Defense Kramnik Variation

Closed Sicilian

Closed Sicilian Defense

Why Begin a Game with a Center Pawn (King’s Pawn)?

Why Begin a Game with a Center Pawn?

Is the Caro Kann Opening More Drawish?

Is the Caro Kann Opening More Drawish?

Did You Know About These Chess Rules and Tips?

Interesting facts about Chess

Why is the Sicilian Defense Popular and Effective?

Why is Sicilian Opening So Popular and Effective?

How to Play Against the Reti Opening?

Play Against Reti Opening