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Your one stop reference guide to opening strategies in Chess

The fate of any game of chess at any level is often determined by the first few moves. Will the game be a tough, tactical, and dynamic battle? Or will it be a quiet, slow, controlled, positional game?

Or will it be somewhere in between?

Your choice of opening moves has a large impact on the rest of the game, even on the outcome in most, if not all, cases. From Open to Semi-open, Flanks to Reverse Openings, Classical to Hypermodern, there is so much to learn about chess openings that thousands of books have been written and published on this topic.

But do you have enough time to go through these books in detail?


Sicilian Defense - A Complete Beginner's Guide

A complete learner's guide to Sicilian Defense, one of the most popular chess openings used by most grandmasters and world champions as their first choice when playing Black.

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Ruy Lopez Opening – A Complete Learner’s Guide

The Ruy Lopez Opening is one of the most popular openings played by White and is also considered one of the best ways for White to gain an advantage in the Opening.

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