The CHESS KLUB Mission

We educate & train students in the game of chess and help them progress through the various stages by providing an all-round enriching experience, one move at a time

Beginner – Level 1

Foundational course for 3 months. Learns to make moves & play.

01 Introduction, Origin, History of Chess, World Famous Players
02 Benefits of Learning Chess
03 How to set up board & arrange pieces
04 Introduction to Files & Ranks
05 Coordinates, Navigation
06 Names & Movements, Point Value, Classification, Strengths & Weaknesses
07 Special Moves, Notations, Introduction to Tactics
08 How to protect your pieces, control the board, attack your opponent, draw, check, escape etc.

Beginner – Level 2

Strengthening the Foundation. 3 months course. Learns to win simple games.

01 Basic concepts, recap
02 How to protect your pieces, control the board, attack your opponent, draw, check, escape, captures, threats etc.
03 Special moves
04 Introduction to various end games, checkmate patterns, tactics etc.
05 How to get a winning position, win a tournament etc.
06 Commandments of opening, middle & end games ü How to analyze your own games & improve
07 Special Moves, Notations, Introduction to Tactics
08 Tournament rules

Intermediate – Level 1

Learns tactics. Learns opening, middle & end games. 4 to 6 months course

01 Strengths & weaknesses of all pieces
02 All about pawns
03 Winning strategies
04 Opening strategies
05 Avoiding blunders
06 How to get into winning positions
07 Playing with Knights
08 Planning a win in Middle game
09 How to gain advantage of material, time & space
10 Attacking & defensive tactics
11 Endgame principles, strategies etc.

Intermediate – Level 2

Deep dives into tactics. 4 to 6 months course. Start solving chess puzzles.

01 Solving puzzles
02 Square of the pawn, pawn promotion
03 Mixed tactics
04 Overloading
05 Attacking the defender
06 Mastering chess opening
07 Middle game strategies
08 Power of Sacrifice
09 Attack & defense with opposite colored bishops
10 Game analysis
11 Positional analysis

Advanced Level

Learns and dives deep into strategies, game analysis, positional analysis. Learns more openings, middle & end games. 1+ year course.

01 Deep dive into all the tactics and strategies that were taught in Intermediate 1 & 2 through game analysis, positional analysis and tactical analysis.
02 In depth review of various opening, middle and end game strategies.
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