“Every chess master was once a beginner”

– Irving Chernev

Why I started Chess KLUB

My Dear Friends,


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for visiting my website and taking your valuable time to know more about Chess KLUB and why I started this venture.


It goes back to my childhood days when I started playing Chess. My father, who was one of the renowned Chess players during his days, introduced me to this wonderful game. As I learned the art of playing chess, I soon realized that I had a deeper connection to chess, the various strategies, tactics and sacrifices that I followed on the chess board to my life in general.


I soon began to realize that life, indeed, is a game of chess and if played well, we could learn so many life lessons out of it. 


And from that day, my quest to learn more about Chess and it’s impact on people’s life started. Along the way, I also met my life partner, Sudev Rajah, who turned out to be even more passionate about Chess than I ever imagined. I saw him develop and implement strategies and pave the way for himself, his employers, his clients and business partners as if he was playing a game of chess – One move at a time, with a larger goal in mind.  


This inspired me to start this new venture, along with my husband and partner. And it was in the month of February 2019, that idea of Chess KLUB was born.  


We know that we can make a positive impact to the society by teaching young kids the game of chess, it’s strategies and the many life lessons that it teaches us. We are blessed to be part of a community who have embraced this concept in a short period of time, which has allowed me to look beyond just the neighborhood.


We have a vision to make Chess KLUB synonymous with Chess itself and take this concept everywhere – to begin with in Charlotte and the neighboring cities and eventually spreading across various cities at the national & international level.


We thank each and every parent who has shown faith in this humble venture of ours. We look forward to making an impact in the young minds and possibly have a few Grand Masters come out of our KLUB.


Thank you for reading this and being part of our wonderful journey. 

Archana (1)

Archana K

Director, CHESS KLUB.

(CHESS KLUB is a division of KLUB VENTURES)


Our Vision

To help people learn life lessons through the game of Chess and become better human being.

Our Mission

We educate & train people in the game of chess and help them progress through the various stages by providing an all-round enriching experience, one move at a time.

Chess KLUB Mission

Core Values

Chess KLUB Values

Respect for Everyone

At Chess KLUB, we value and respect everyone, whether you’re a child or adult.

Experience at Chess KLUB

Going Over & Beyond

We will go over and beyond to make the experience, an enriching one.

Training at Chess KLUB

Higher Standards

Our training programs will always be top-notch, focused and structured.

Highest standards of integrity


We will uphold the highest standards of integrity in everything we do.

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