Ballantyne Blitz Bash at the CHESS KLUB Ballantyne

Ballantyne Blitz Bash September 2023

Sept 2, 2023 – Venue: Ballantyne CHESS KLUB

The Ballantyne Quads were quite popular in August 2023. Karthik Srinivasan scored more points than any other participant over the course of the month. Jayan Medvin and Karthikeyan Chintalapti each gained over 300 USCF rating points in August.

September’s Ballantyne Blitz Bash was a tremendously exciting affair, featuring many time scrambles and several upsets. Several strong players were present, including top seed Daniel Malmgren (1928), Henry Hui (1517) and Goutham Mallapragada (1504).

Round one was fairly predictable and therefore not a great indicator of things to come. All the favorites except one won their games. The only “upset” occurred when unrated Mikey Culpepper defeated his brother Jonathan Culpepper (918).

In round two, Karthikeya Chintalapati (854) managed to overcome his rival Adrian Herbas (1018). Anish Premnath (466) triumphed over Mihir Shah (640). After the round, Henry Hui, Goutham Mallapragada, Daniel Malmgren, Adrian Malmgren (961) and Kartikeya Chintalapati (854) were the only undefeated players.

The third round saw some big matches on the top boards. Daniel Malmgren defeated Goutham Mallapragada in an intense battle while his son, Adrian Malmgren downed second seed Henry Hui. Karthikeya Chintalapati and Aman Sreshta (940) battled to a draw. On board seven, Rishik Binoy (518) was able to surprise Zakhar Archakov (765).

The fourth round saw the last battle of undefeated players, a showdown between father and son on board 1. Adrian Malmgren was not able to beat Daniel this time.Henry Hui got back into the hunt with a victory over Kartikeya Chintalapati on board 2. Goutham Mallapragada also handled Rishik Binoy on the third board.

Although Daniel Malmgren had swept aside all opponents through four rounds, the fifth round saw a shakeup. Henry Hui stymied Daniel’s Bird Opening (with Bd3) with a solid Queen’s Indian Defence . Goutham Mallapragada outlasted Adrian Malmgren on board two. Adrian Herbas defeated Aman Sreshta on board three. Jonathan Culpepper also stayed in contention by getting past Kartikeya Chintalapti. The standings after five rounds were therefore Daniel Malmgren, Goutham Mallapragada and Henry Hui at four points each followed by Adrian Herbas and Jonathan Culpepper at three and a half. Adrian Malmgren, Rishik Binoy, Karthik Srinivasan (898) and Zakhar Archakov all had three points.

The sixth round featured the board one battle between Henry Hui and Goutham Mallapragada. Goutham was victorious. Daniel Malmgren defeated Adrian Herbas on board two. Jonathan Culpepper, Adrian Malmgren and Rishik Binoy beat Karthik Srinivasan, Zakhar Archakov and Kartikeya Chintalapati respectively. Therefore, going into the last round, Goutham Mallapragada and Daniel Malmgren were tied at five points each. Jonathan Culpepper was all alone in third place with four and a half points. Adrian Malmgren, Henry Hui and Rishik Binoy lurked slightly behind with four.

In the last round, Goutham Mallapragada was able to hold off Jonathan Culpepper on board one. Daniel Malmgren beat Rishik Binoy on board two. Henry Hui defeated Aman Sreshta and Adrian Malmgren bea Adrian Herbas. The final standings had Daniel Malmgren and Goutham Mallapragada on top with six points each. Henry Hui and Adrian Malmgren were tied for third with five points each.

A tiebreak match was quickly organized. Daniel Malmgren defeated Goutham Mallapragada for a second time to seize first prize in the Blitz Bash. Henry Hui outlasted Adrian Malmgren for third. Therefore, the prizes were distributed as follows; Daniel Malmgren first, Goutham Mallapragada second, Henry Hui third.


The September version of the Ballantyne Blitz Bash was a truly exciting affair. Top seed Daniel Malmgren triumphed in the end. However, many others were close behind including Goutham Mallapragada (second place) and Henry Hui (third place).

The next Ballantyne Blitz Bash will be held Sunday, October 2nd at 1 pm EST at the Ballantyne CHESS KLUB. Other great chess events can be found at the CHESS KLUB website.