Adhvik Manoj – The Master of Openings

Adhvik Manoj - Player of the Week

The competitive spirit brings out the fire in the bellies of individuals to try to go out there and achieve laurels. Developing this fire from the early days always brings out the best within individuals in the latter days. We at Chess KLUB are trying to prepare our students for the future by inculcating life-lessons through the game of Chess, thus we bring to you the champions of the week and some of their incredible games. 

Chess KLUB Open Tournament

The beginning of the week is marked by the Chess KLUB Open Tournament, where we had an overwhelming participation of 118 students this week.

The boy who won the title of the winner of the day was Adhvik Manoj who had a win rate of 86% over the exceptional 29 games he played. His most impactful game was the match he played against Sriranga Narapuram, our runner up for the day who had a striking win rate of 83%. The game was extremely aggressive seeing both queens getting exchanged within the first ten moves itself.

This was followed by a Knight blunder by Adhvik.

However, Adhvik was quick to recover as this was followed by a rook blunder by Sriranga and the loss of a bishop due to a pin. Eventually, Sriranga resigned due to a lack of material. The second runner up here was Hemanth Samayamantri, who had a win rate of 90%. 

Chess KLUB Beginner Battle Arena Tournament

The weekend ends with our battle arena tournaments with our Beginner Battle Arena Tournament taking place first.

This week we saw 45 young stars participate and continue to maintain their focus and concentration for three hours. The champion on Sunday was Ayush Sarraf who wowed us with his performance and had a win rate of 94%. The most exciting game of the day was between Ayush and Aariv Sangani, the second seed for the day who had a fantastic win rate of 64%.

Both the opponents displayed explicit attacking skills, starting with a pawn fork on Ayush’s queen and knight by Aariv. Unfortunately, this was followed by Aariv blundering his rook and opening up his king that allowed Ayush to checkmate Aariv’s king.

In the third place, we have Vaishnavi Gampa with a win rate of 81%.

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Chess KLUB Intermediate Battle Arena Tournament

The Intermediate Battle arena tournament saw a participation of 59 kids, all eager to move up the ladder in the quality of their games.

The winner of this battle was Vivaan Bhatt with an excellent win rate of 70%. His most engaging game was against Rishab Ghosh that lasted a gripping 31 moves. The game was fairly equal till Rishab made a rook blunder which was followed by an extremely strong attack on Rishab’s king. This caused the loss of Rishab’s queen followed by him losing the game eventually.

In the second position, we had Adhvik Manoj with a win rate of 70% followed by Paarth Chowdhary who had a win rate of 60%. 

Chess KLUB Advanced Battle Arena Tournament

The last event for the weekend is the Advanced Battle Arena Tournament where our experienced members show us their skills.

This week we had Druheen Das as the winner with a win rate of 67%. Druheen played an extremely interesting game with Ishant Gandikota. The game saw the regular Giuoco Piano opening followed by a trade of minor pieces. The game smoothly moved to the end game. Both opponents played some thoughtful moves according to the computer analysis which eventually led to a draw by agreement on the 51st move.

Ishant was our second runner up for the day with a win rate of 60%. 

Chess KLUB Beginner Battle Arena

The second round of tournaments takes place on Wednesday beginning with the Beginners’ Battle.

The star of the day was Donnel Mathew followed by Vihaan Thota in second place with a win rate of 63% and Vasihanvi Gampa in third place with a win rate of 71%. One of the most spectacular matches of the day was between our first and second runners up. The game took an interesting turn when the two opponents exchanged their minor pieces but it opened up Vihaan’s king which then allowed Vaishnavi to further launch an attack on Vihaan’s king which eventually led to a back rank checkmate by Vaishnavi using her rook. 

Chess KLUB Intermediate Battle Arena

The Chess KLUB Intermediate Battle Arena saw 37 students play against each other.

The champion of the day was Adhvik Manoj with a spectacular win rate of 93%. Adhvik played a very interesting game against Aneesh Parasa. The game lasted an eventful 54 moves. The game was fairly equal through the opening and middle game till Aneesh starting giving a lot of pawns in the end game that allowed Adhvik to make a new queen and eventually win the game.

In second place we had Vivaan Bhatt with a win rate of 62% and Adharsh Rajeshkumar in third place with a win rate of 75%. 

Chess KLUB Advaned Battle Arena

The final event of the week is the Chess KLUB Advanced Battle where our experienced members set the bar very high.

Saket Reddy once again showed exemplary skill by winning this tournament with a win rate of 73%. Devansh Pamecha, our second runner up played an extremely interesting match with Saket. The match saw a great detailed opening where both the opponents played the best moves according to the computer analysis. Unfortunately, Devansh blundered his queen in the middle game which gave Saket a major advantage that he eventually converted into a victory.

In the second place, we had Druheen Das with a win rate of 83%. 


This week saw an exciting turn of events with some fresh names on the winner’s list. This brings us to the end of another refreshing week along with eager excitement for the upcoming week.

Congratulations to all the winners.