The Game &


Features of CHESS KLUB Coaching


GM Curated Content

Our Advanced Students and Tournament Klub members get access to GM Curated Content through Puzzles & Training.

Student Game Analysis

We hand pick 5 to 6 games played by the students in the last month and provide a constructive feedback on the strengths and improvement areas.

Customizable Schedule

Classes that suit your schedule, after school and on weekends. Classes on 7 days a week.

Players of All Skill Levels

CHESS KLUB provides coaching for students of all skills and levels from beginner to advanced levels.

Learning After Classroom

Our mentors set weekly assignments so you can keep the practical learning going outside the class too.

Unlimited Chess Resources

We provide our students with relevant and timely resources that will help the students to be most up to date.

Daily Practice Sessions

Get regular (optional) game practice at all our centers for 15 hours a week and hone your skills.

Student Progress Reports

Students and parents can receive regular progress reports to track their performances and see areas of improvement.

Student Assignments

Let the learning continue at home with our weekly assignments designed to reinforce your understanding.

Learn Chess.

Learn Life Lessons.