Saket Chavva – Champion of the Past Week

Saket Reddy - Winner of the Online Chess Tournament


Chess KLUB provides an opportunity for students to display their skills practically through our weekly tournaments. Let’s take a look at the winners of the week and some of their brilliant games.

Chess KLUB Swiss Open Tournament

In the Swiss Open Tournament held on Saturday, we had Saket Reddy as our Champion with an impressive score of 6.5 out of 7.

Saket played an exciting game against our second runner-up, Adhvik Manoj, with a score of 5.5. The game began with the Four Knights Game: Italian Variation, and Saket exchanged his Bishop and Knight for Adhvik’s Rook and pawn. Unfortunately, Saket won a pawn in the middle game, and Adhvik blundered his Bishop on the 17th move.

After that, Adhvik posed a severe attack on Saket’s king, and Adhvik blundered his Queen while attacking Saket’s King. Thus, Adhvik had a huge disadvantage that forced him to resign on the 29th move.

Adithiyaa Vasudevan was our runner-up with a score of 5.5 as well. 

Chess KLUB Weekly Open Classic Arena

On Sunday, we had our Weekly Classic Open Tournament with Sabarish Kailasam at the top of the winner list with a win rate of 78%.

Sabarish played an engaging game against the second runner-up Saket Reddy, who had 81%. The game began with the Italian Game Opening, and Sabarish became a pawn up in the middle game. Sabarish then won three pawns, and Sabarish and Saket exchanged a Rook.

Sabarish then created a passed pawn that Saket used his Rook to stop. Finally, on the 30th move, Sabarish checkmated Saket’s King with his Queen.

In the second place, we had Amoolya Vikas with a win rate of 76%. 

Chess KLUB Open Classic Arena Tournament

On Wednesday, we held our second Weekly Classic Arena Tournament for the week.

Arnav Sharma was the champion of this tournament with an excellent win rate of 88%, followed by Parv Parikh in second place with a win rate of 59% and Sabarish Kailsam in third place with a win rate of 71%. Arnav and Parv played an aggressive game in the last round.

The game began with the Bishop’s Opening, and Arnav became a pawn up in the middle game. The two exchanged Queens and Arnav went ahead to gain another pawn. Arnav then created a passed pawn, and the two exchanged their minor pieces and Rooks. Arnav’s passed pawn became a Queen, and he checkmated Parv on the 72nd move. 

Intermediate Battle Arena

In the Intermediate Battle Arena, we had Jethin Bastin as our Champion with a fantastic win rate of 88%.

Jethin played a brilliant game against our runner-up Sabarish Kailasam who had a win rate of 80%. Sabarish began the game with the Ruy Lopez Opening, and the two exchanged their Queens early into the game. Jethin won a pawn in the middle game and the two then exchanged their Rooks.

Sabarish gained his lost pawn, and the two entered the middle game with four pawns and a Bishop each. The two opponents then repeated a position three times consecutively, which led to a Draw by Three Fold Repetition.

In third place, we had Parv Parikh with a win rate of 67%.


This week saw some incredible games and a refreshing winner list. We hope to see similar results every week.

Congratulations to all the winners.