Saket Reddy – Champion of April 2021

Saket Reddy - Player of the Month


Chess KLUB provides all students a platform to display their skills every week. Let’s take a look at the games that took place in in the past week along with our winner list.

Chess KLUB April Championship

In this month’s Chess KLUB Monthly Championship, we had Saket Reddy as our Champion of the month with a spectacular score of 8 points, with him being our winner among 86 participants.

Saket played an interesting game against our runner up Vivaan Bhatt, who had 7.5 points. The game began with the Italian Game Opening,, and the game continued to be relatively equal till Vivaan captured a poison pwn in the middle game with his Rook.

Vivaan believed that this Rook was protected with a pawn, but Saket’s Rook pinned the pawnhis pawn was between Saket’s Rook and Vivaan’s Queen. This positional error, made by Vivaan, allowed Saket to became a Rook up. This major disadvantage forced Vivaan to resign on the 23rd move.

In third place, we had Adithiyaa Vasudevan with a score of 7 out of 8 points.

Chess KLUB Beginner Tournament

On Sunday, we had the Chess KLUB Beginner Tournament with Pranav Nair with a wonderful win rate of 83% followed by Yeshwant Saladi with a win rate of 60%, in second place.

Our winner and runner up played an engaging match. Yeshwant began the game with the king pawn and attempted to use the Scholar’s Mate. While attempting this checkmate, Yeshwant blundered his Queen making Pranav Nair a Queen up. Pranav then won a Bishop and a Rook as well. This overall disadvantage forced Yeshwant to resign.

Chess KLUB Intermediate Tournament

In the Chess KLUB Intermediate Tournament we had 31 participants with Havish Venkat at the top of the winner list with a win rate of 76%.

Havish played a brilliant game against Nihaltej Gundu, our runner up, who had a win rate of 68%. Havish began the game with the Queen pawn opening and Nihaltej became a pawn up in the middle game. Further in the middle game, Nihaltej made a Queen blunder which gave Havish a major advantage. On the 23rd move, Havish checkmated Nihaltej, making him the winner.

In third place, we had Ayush Sarraf with a win rate of 67%. 

Chess KLUB Advanced Tournament

In the Advanced Tournament we had Sanjay Srinivas with an excellent win rate of 86% who played a fantastic game against our third seed Nikitha Kanagaraj, who had a win rate of 83%.

The game began with the Italian Game Opening and on the 17th move, Sanjay invaded Nikitha’s king’s territory with his Bishop. Sanjay then brought his Rook out and threatened an attack on Nikitha’s King and Queen simultaneously. Sanjay then sacrificed his Rook and checkmated Nikitha’s King on the 20th move.

Our runner up for the event was Sanjey Ramachandran with a win rate of 64%. 

Beginner Battle Arena

In the Beginner Battle tournament we had Sachin Arun in first place with a record-breaking win rate of 100%.

Sachin played an aggressive game against our Akshaay N. Akshaay began the game with the Sicilian Defense and made a knight blunder in the opening. Akshaay then made a Queen blunder in the middle game while trying to pose a check on Sachin’s king. Sachin used this advantage he had gained to invade Akshaay’s king’s territory and gave Akshaay a back rank checkmate on the 20th move.

In third place we had Akhilesh Senthil.

Intermediate Battle Arena

We had 27 participants competing in our Intermediate Tournament with Sabarish Kailasam with a fabulous win rate of 85% followed by Ishan Priya with a win rate of 86%, in second place.

Sabarish played an exemplary game against Ishan and the game began with the Italian Game Opening. Sabarish gained a pawn in the middle game and Ishan exchanged his two minor pieces for Sabarish’s Rook and pawn. On the 20th move, Sabarish forked Ishan’s Queen and Rook, making Sabarish an exchange up. Sabarish brought his Queen out and attacked Ishan’s king using his Bishop and pawn. While defending this attack, Ishan lost his other rook, giving Sabarish a great advatage. This forced Ishan to resign on the 30th move.

In third place we had Viraj Charizard with a win rate of 73%. 

Advanced Battle Arena

In the Advanced Battle we had Nikitha Kanagaraj with a record breaking win rate of 100% with her best game being against runner up Sanjey Ramachandran who had a win rate of 60%.

The game began with the Italian Game and Sanjey became a pawn up in the middle game. The game continued with Sanjey winning another pawn and he posed a very serious attack on Nikitha’s king. On the 34th move Nikitha sacrficed her Rook, forcing Sanjey’s Rook to leave the last rank. Nikitha then gave a back rank checkmate to Sanjey’s king on the 35th move. 


This week saw some exemplary games and exceptional performances and we hope to see similar results in the following week as well.

Congratulations to all the winners!