Amoolya Vikas – Champion of the Week

Amoolya Vikas - player of the week

Chess KLUB brings to you a tournament everyday to improve the game our students play. Let’s take a look at the results of this week’s tournaments and some brilliant games.

Chess KLUB Open Tournament

In our Saturday Swiss Open Tournament, we had 96 participants, with Amoolya Vikas in second place with an excellent score of 7 out of 9.

Amoolya played an interesting game against Adithiyaa Vasudevan that opened with the Italian Game – Fried Liver Variation. On the 9th move, Adithiyaa blundered his queen, giving Amoolya a massive advantage. The two then traded the minor pieces, followed by their rooks as well. The end game was Amoolya’s queen and pawns against Adithiyaa’s knight and pawns.

Amoolya created a passed pawn in the end game, which caused Adithiyaa to resign on the 49th move. Viraj Divekar was our second runner up at this event with a 7 out of 9 score. 

Chess KLUB Beginner Tournament

In the Beginner Swiss Tournament held on Sunday, we had Vihaan Sri with a perfect score of 7 out of 7.

Vihaan played an engaging game against Johan Chavara in the first round. Vihaan opened the game with his Knight and brought his queen out early into the game. On the 10th move, Johan missed a checkmate in one and lost the game. Although Johan did not gain victory in this battle he became the overall runner up for this event with a wonderful score of 4.5 out of 7.

Our second runner up was Pranav Nair with a score of 4 out of 7.

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Chess KLUB Intermediate Tournament

In the Intermediate Tournament we had Amoolya Vikas as our champion with an admirable score of 8 out of 9.

Our runner up Vivaan Bhatt, who concluded the event with a score of 7 out of 9, played an attacking game against our champion. Amoolya played the Sicilian Defense Opening Vivaan blundered his bishop in the middle game giving Amoolya a decent advantage. Vivaan then fell for an absolute rook pin attacking his queen and king causing him to lose his queen and giving him a major disadvantage.

Amoolya then created a passed pawn that eventually advanced to become a queen and checkmated Vivaaan on the 40th move. In third place we had Adhvik Manoj with a score of 7 out of 7. 

Chess KLUB Advanced Tournament

In the Advanced Tournament we had Sanjey Ramachandran as our champion with a great score of 6 out of 7 with his most amazing match being against Adithiyaa Vasudevan our second runner up who had a score of 5 out of 7.

The game began with the Italian Game Opening- Classical Variation. The two players exchanged their queens in the middle game and moved to the end game. In the end game, Adithiyaa made a rook blunder giving Sanjey a massive advantage. This caused Adithiyaa to resign on the 32nd move. In second place we had Saket Reddy with a score of 5 out of 7.

Beginner’s Battle Arena

On Wednesday we had our Beginner Battle Arena tournament where Yajat Biyani was the winner with an exciting win rate of 78%.

Yajat’s best game was against Eshan Kadri our runner up who had a win rate of 75%, in the first round. Eshan pinned Yajat’s knight and bishop in the opening. Eshan exploited this pin and won a bishop, knight and rook. Yajat then regained this disdvantage by winning Eshan’s rook. Yajat then posed a discovered attack on Eshan’s queen while posing a check on Eshan’s king. This made Yajat a queen up and forced Eshan to resign on the 48th move. 

Intermediate Battle Arena

In the Intermediate Battle we had 38 partcipants with Jethin Bastin at the top of the winner list with an amazing win rate of 92%.

Jethin played a marvelous game against our runner up Jaden John in the finl round. Jaden opened the game with the queen pawn opening and posed a rook and knight Queen fork. Thus Jaden won a knight in the opening. Jethin activated his queen early into the game and attacked Jaden’s kingside. On the 19th move, Jaden missed a checkmate in one that Jethin threatened and lost the game.

Although Jaden lost this game, he concluded the event with a win rate of 62% followed by Parth Mishra as our second runner up with a win rate of 89%. 

Advaned Battle Arena

Finally, we had the Advanced Battle where Adithiyaa Vasudevan was the winner of this event with a win rate of 53%.

Vishnu Kannan, our runner up, who had a win rate of 53%, played an interesting game against our winner. The game began with the two knights opening followed by the fried liver attack. Adithiyaa lost a rook and two pawns because he fell for this attack. Adithiyaa then threatened a checkmate in the middle game that Vishnu could defend only by becoming an exchange down. Adithiyaa then invaded Vishnu’s king’s territory and checkmated Vishnu on the 15th move.

In third pace we had Sanjey Ramachandran with a win rate of 46%. 


This week saw a spectacular set of results and some exceptional games and we hope to see similar results every week.
Congratulations to all the Winners.