Esha Abhilash – Champion of The Week

Esha Abhilash - Champion of the Week

Chess KLUB brings to you the Weekly Tournaments and here we share with you the result along with some brilliant games.

Chess KLUB Open Tournament

The week started with the Chess Klub Weekly Open Swiss Tournament where we had 91 participants with Advit Gupta as our second runner up with an excellent score of 5.5 out of 7 rounds.

Advit played an excellent game against Vivaan Bhattacharya in the 5th round. Vivaan opened the game with the King’s Gambit that Advit accepted. Advit then brought his queen out to attack Vivaan’s kingside and posed a discovered check while attacking Vivaan’s rook. Advit became a rook up and gained a huge advantage.

Vivaan regained this advantage by gaining Advit’s knight and two pawns by posing a queen fork on Advit’s rook and knight. This was followed by Advit posing a discovered attack on Vivaan’s queen while simultaneously posing a check on Vivaan’s king. Hence, Vivaan resigned on the 19th move, making Advit the winner.

Chess KLUB Beginner Tournament

Esha Abhilash was the champion of the Beginner Tournament held on Sunday with a wonderful score of 4 out of 4  rounds. Esha played a brilliant game against Sanshethaa Mani, our second runner up, who had a score of 2.5 out of 4, in the third round.

The opening played was the Russian Game: Three Knights Game with the two exchanging their queens as they approached the middle game. Sanshethaa made a blunder as they approached the end game making her an exchange down. Sanshethaa then further made another mistake where she lost her knight giving Esha a huge advantage. Esha then created a passed pawn, forcing Sanshethaa to sacrifice her rook to prevent the passed pawn from becoming a queen.

On the 38th move, Esha checkmated Sanshethaa with two rooks. In the second place, we had Yajat Biyani, who also had a score of 2.5 out of 4. 

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Chess KLUB Intermediate Tournament

In the Intermediate Tournament, we had 38 participants with Jethin Bastin as our champion with a fabulous score of 5.5 points out of 7 rounds. Jethin played an engaging game against our second runner up Adhvik Manoj in the 5th round.

Adhvik opened the game with the English Opening and Jethin lost his knight to a Queen fork on his Rook and Knight early into the game. Jethin retaliated this loss by sacrificing two of his bishops to pose a serious attack upon Adhvik’s king. Unfortunately for Jethin, Adhvik managed to protect his king well while maintaining a decent advantage.

Adhvik then won another rook while posing an attack on Jethin’s king that forced Jethin to resign. Although Jethin lost this game, he was the champion for this event while Adhvik was our second runner up with a score of 5 out of 7. In second place, we had Rushil Karande with a score of 5.5 as well. 

Chess KLUB Advanced Tournament

In the Chess KLUB Advanced Tournament, we had Nikitha Kanagaraj as our Champion with a score of 5 out of 7 followed by Advit Gupta with a score of 5 as well.

Our champion and runner up played an aggressive game against each other that opened with the Four Knights Game. Advit lost his knight to a rook pin which was followed by Nikitha posing a serious attack on Advit’s king. Finally, Nikitha posed a Queen fork on Advit’s two rooks that forced Advit to resign on the 25th move. In third place, we had Adithiyaa Vasudevan with a score of 4.5. 

Beginner Battle Arena

In our second round of tournaments, we had Eshan Kadri at the top of the winner list with a perfect win rate of 100% with his most interesting match against Reyansh Arora.

The game began with the King’s Pawn Game and was significantly equal till the middle game. In the middle game, Reyansh blundered his queen which forced Reyansh to resign on the 16th move. In second place we had Vihaan Sri with a great win rate of 83% followed by Yajat Biyani with a win rate of 57%. 

Intermediate Battle Arena

Evaan Nivin was the Champion at our Intermediate Battle with an excellent win rate of 83% who played a brilliant game against our runner up Sabarish Kailasam.

The game was significantly equal till Evaan posed a knight fork on Sabarish’s queen and bishop making Evaan material up. This was followed by Sabarish blundering his queen which gave Evaan a major advantage. Evaan used this advantage to checkmate Sabarish on the 37th move. Sabarish concluded the event with a win rate of 71% followed by Vivaan Bhattacharya in third place with a perfect win rate of 100%. 

Advanced Battle Arena

Finally, we had the Advanced Battle where we had Sanjey Ramachandran as our champion with  a wonderful win rate of 88%.

Sanjey played an excellent game against our runner up Vishnu Kannan, who had a win rate of 38%. The game began with the Italian Game Opening: Classical Variation and Sanjey blundered a minor piece in the middle game. This was followed by Vishnu blundering two of his minor pieces giving Sanjey an advantage. Vishnu blundered his queen on the 45th move as the two players were approaching the end game. This forced Vishnu to resign.

Our second runner up for this event was Kinjal Chatterjee with a win rate of 43%. 

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This week saw some exceptional games and incredible results. We hope to see the same every week.

Congratulations to all the winners.