The Chess KLUB World Chess Championship – A Delight to Spectators

The Chess KLB World Chess Championship

The Chess KLB World Championship WCC took place on 11th December and was an extreme delight to spectators.

We had a remarkable 251 participants, and each player displayed a splendid performance. The champion at this event was Manpreeth Singh, who had an excellent score of 8.5 points out of 9 rounds. The runner up was Vignesh Kannan, who had a fantastic score of 8 points, followed by Harsimranjit Singh in third place, who had a score of 7.5 points.

The champion at this event won a grand prize of $500, followed by the second seed winning $400 and the third seed winning $300.

Chess KLUB offered splendid cash prizes for the top 10 players along with special prizes for winners in every category. The best player in the Under 19 category was Aditya Bhalla, followed by Steve Biju as the best player in the Under 15 category.

We also hosted an Under 7 and an Under 10 Category where we had Aadhyan Krishna Kukudala and Rohan Kumar Gourabathuni as the winners, respectively. To make these categories even more special, we had The Best Female player title won by Sherali Pattnaik and the Best Senior Player title won by Shashidhar B Rai.

Let’s take a look at some of the best games that took place at the event.

The most exciting game of the evening was undoubtedly between the champion and the second runner up which took place in the 5th round.

The game began with Queen’s Gambit, and Harsimranjit posed a threat upon Manpreeth’s King. Manpreeth then won a few pawns in the middle game, and the two players exchanged all the minor pieces. They then exchanged their Rooks as well, and the position seemed almost equal post this exchange, even though Manpreeth was a pawn up, and the two agreed to a Draw.

Another very interesting game that took place at this event was between Harsimranjit Singh and Prawin K Prawin, the second runner up and the 4th seed.

The game began with the French Defense, and the two exchanged their minor pieces. In the middle game, Prawin’s tactics caused Harsimranjit to have to expose his King. Harsimranjit then posed an attack to expose Prawin’s King as well.

As the game progressed, the position was almost equal, which led to the two opponent’s agreeing to a draw on the 28th move.

Our fifth seed, Anurag Pritam Medhi, played an aggressive game against our runner up Vignesh Kannan, in the 7th round. The game began with the Caro Kan variation of the Sicilian Defense and the two exchanged their minor pieces as the game progressed.

Vignesh then posed a strong Absolute Pin which won him a piece and allowed him to pose an attack upon Anurag’s King. The attack then became stronger when Vignesh’s Rook and Queen posed an attack to corner the King and completed the game by posing a back rank checkmate.

Finally, one of the most remarkable matches of the day was between the champion and the 4th place winner Prawin. K Prawin. This incredible game began the game with the French Defense and the two exchanged all their pieces and quickly moved to a game between the two Queens.

Prawin then won a pawn, and the two players created passed pawns, but Manpreeth’s passed pawn became a Queen first, giving him a massive advantage. This disadvantage forced Prawin to resign on the 50th move.

The Chess KLUB World Chess Championship was the most thrilling event we hosted this year with record-breaking participation. It was a pure delight to see the games that were played, and we congratulate each and every participant that helped make this event a massive success.

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