Improve Your Employee Engagement Through Internal Chess Tournaments & Workshops

Participate in Workshops Conducted by Chess Grand Masters. Relieve stress & have fun through Internal Tournaments conducted by CHESS KLUB.

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Why Chess as a Corporate Program

Stress-free Working

Relieve Work Stress

Give your employees the opportunity to relieve their stress through an internal chess tournament.

Hassle-free chess tournaments

Hassle Free Tournament

We will conduct this event and spare you the hassles, in a very professional, seamless, tried and tested method. Just come, relax and play.

Taking your chess game to the next level

Ongoing Employee Benefits

The CHESS KLUB Program will give your employees & their families amazing benefits to take their game to the next level.

The Offer

Corporate Tournaments & Workshops

Chess KLUB will plan, organize, moderate and conduct tournaments and workshops as needed in your esteemed organization. We will reward the winners with CHESS KLUB Trophies and/or merchandize.

Friends & Family Program

We offer the following program to all your employees, their families and friends.

20% Discount on our regular fees

FREE chess assessment

Next Steps

Send Proposal

We will Send Proposal

Step 1

CHESS KLUB will send a detailed proposal to conduct Tournaments/ Workshop

Accept Proposal

You Accept the Proposal

Step 2

Based on the proposal sent and discussion, we will request you to accept the proposal.

Agree on Chess Tournament/ Workshop Date

Agree on the Tournament/Workshop Date and Time

Step 3

Based on the proposed plan, we will agree on the Tournament/ Workshop date and time

Project Plan

Agree on the Project Plan

Step 4

Once you agree on the tournament date, we will come up with a high-level project plan and will get on an execution mode.

Spread Awareness

Spread Awareness Internally

Step 5

You will agree to spread the Tournament awareness, the rules etc. to your team internally.

Chess Tournament/ Workshop for Your Employees


Step 6

We will conduct the tournament on the D-Day, seamlessly. We will provide you with the report.

Testimonial from CHESS KLUB Partner

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Michael Grant White

CEO at Optimal Breathing.

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Freuently Asked Questions.

Who is this Chess KLUB for?

Chess KLUB is for any one willing to learn the game of chess as a leisure activity or to take part in competitive chess.

What is the minimum age to be a student?

At Chess KLUB we accept students who are at least 5 years or older

What are the levels of classes that are available?

There are primarily 3 levels – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. In the Beginner level we teach the basics of chess, in the Intermediate level we teach Chess tactics and more…and in the Advanced level, we teach various Chess Strategies for the students to take their game to the next level.

How do I know which class I should opt for?

If you do not know chess, you will be at the Beginner level. If you already know chess, then we will assess where you stand and let you know which class you should opt for.

How many classes do you have per month?

At all levels, we will have 4 hours of coaching classes per month and 4 hours of optional practice sessions every weekend.

What is the duration of each class?

Each class is one hour

How does a typical class look like?

A typical class will have 6-8 students. The first 20-30 minutes will be mostly theory classes, followed by 20-30 minutes of game.

How soon can I join?

Once you’ve registered, we will let you know of your class start date. Usually happens within the first 10 days of registration or as part of a new batch, whichever is earlier.

Do you give homework?

Yes, this will depend on the level where you join. Beginners tend to have less homework and those in Advanced levels will have more complex homework/ puzzles to solve.

Is there a curriculum?

Yes, we do a follow a curriculum for each of the levels.