Scholastic Chess Tournaments

A special tournament series designed for scholastic players or children that are still relatively new to chess.

Pick a Section

A Star is Born (Unrated)

For children under 13 who are not yet USCF Members. We recognize that the extra step of becoming a USCF member can be daunting to first-time players and we want to make the transition to rated tournament play easier.
Time Control: 30+0
# of Rounds: 3
Awards: Top 3 Winners will get Trophies & FREE Annual USCF Membership (Value: $20)

Express Challenge (USCF Rated)

For younger children (under-13 & under-1000 rating) that are excited about chess but still developing their patience and stamina. Games are relatively shorter, with 30 minutes per player per game. Guaranteed 3 USCF Rated games.
Time Control: 30+0
# of Rounds: 3
Awards: Trophies will be given to all players completing "The Express Challenge" i.e. going 3-0 in the Express Section.

Deep Thinkers (USCF Rated)

Open to everyone. A complete tournament for experienced players.
With 4 rounds and 60 minutes per player per game, this section will surely engage the deep-thinking chess player.
Time Control: 60+0
# of Rounds: 4
Awards: Championship trophies to the Top 3 players.


A Star is Born
(U-13 & UNRATED)
Express Challenge
(U-13 & U1000)
Deep Thinker
10:00 AM Round 1 Round 1 Round 1
11:15 AM Round 2 Round 2
12:00 PM Round 2
12:30 PM Round 3 Round 3
01:30 PM Award Ceremony Award Ceremony
02:00 PM Round 3
04:00 PM Round 4
06:00 PM Award Ceremony


Shawn Pealer

Shawn Pealer

Tournament Director

National Master and USCF Certified Tournament Director.


Archana Kolangara

Asst. Tournament Director

USCF Certified Tournament Director

Event Details

14045 Ballantyne, Corporate Pl, Ste 101, Charlotte 28277

15th October 2023, 09 AM EST

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What is Scholastic?

A Quad Tournament in chess is a type of tournament format where four players compete in a round-robin style tournament. In a quad tournament, four players are paired up to play against each other in three rounds. Each player plays three games, one against each of the other players in their quad. The players are usually selected based on their rating or skill level to ensure a balanced competition.

The Charlotte Scholastic Series is a special tournament series designed for scholastic players or children that are still relatively new to chess. The tournament is split into three sections.

The round-robin format ensures that each player gets to play against every other player, which can provide a more balanced competition and more games for each player.

How long does a Quad tournament last?

A quad tournament can last several hours, depending on the time control and the skill level of the players. At CHESS KLUB, the time control is 30 minutes per player per game. This means that the entire tournament can last up to 3 hours.

How are ties resolved in Quad tournament?

In the case of a tie between two or more players at the end of the tournament, tiebreakers are used to determine the final standings. The Tournament Director decides on the tie-breaker system to be followed. The most common tiebreaker is the Buchholz system, which adds up the scores of all the opponents each player faced during the tournament. TD might decide to do a manual tie-breaker too.

How can I participate in CHESS KLUB’s Quad tournament?

You can participate by signing up for CHESS KLUB’s Quad Tournament here.

What happens if a player makes an illegal move in Quad Tournament?

If a player makes an illegal move in Quad Tournament, the opponent has the option of forcing them to take back the move and make a legal move, or accepting the move and continuing the game with the illegal move in place.

Can a player resign from a game of Quad Tournament?

Yes, a player can resign from a game of Quad Tournament at any time just like regular tournament.

Are there any special rules for promoting pawns in Quad Tournament?

No, the rules for promoting pawns in Quad Tournament are the same as in regular chess.

What happens if a player is late for a game in a Quad Tournament?

If a player is late for a game in a Quad Tournament, they may be penalized by having their clock started when they arrive, and losing time as a result.

What happens if there is a dispute between players in Quad Tournament?

If there is a dispute between players in Quad Tournament, a Tournament Director or arbiter may be called upon to make a ruling.

How are the winners of Quad Tournaments determined?

The winner of a Quad Tournament is determined by the player with the most points at the end of the tournament. Points are awarded for wins and draws, as explained earlier.

Who is Quad champion of the month?

Quad champion of the month is the one who scores maximum points during the month. This will be tracked on CHESS KLUB’s Quad Leaderboard.

Where will the CHESS KLUB Quad Leaderboard be displayed?

CHESS KLUB’s Quad Leaderboard will be displayed every week at the center and online community.

Are all games in the Quad Tournament USCF rated?

Yes, all games in the Friday Quad tournaments are USCF rated. Results of the games will be submitted to USCF within 24-48 hours of the tournament.

Come, join us for an action packed Quad
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