A smart investment – for you and the world.

An investment in Chess Klub is an investment in the future. We’re shaping the minds of the strategic thinkers of tomorrow while also creating a robust business that promises to grow year-on-year.

We’ve Made Our Move.
Now, It’s Your Turn.

We’ve put in the hard yards and got Chess Klub off the ground. Now, it’s your turn to reap the benefits as we expand across the world with an already successful template.

Our Vision

The Vision

To help people become better human beings through the game of Chess and becoming the one-stop-shop for all things Chess.

Our Mission

The Mission

Educate, train, and help students progress through various stages by providing an all-round enriching experience.

Investment Opportunity at CHESS KLUB

Still Not Convinced?

Here’s what makes Chess Klub a viable investment opportunity.

Chess is an underserved market

An Underserved Market

With over 600 million Chess players across the world – and growing every day – there is a need for a one-stop-shop for all things Chess, and that’s what we aim to be.

Chess’ Global Penetration

Chess’ Global Penetration

Chess is one of the few sports that is not restricted by geography or culture. This makes the entire world a possible avenue for Chess Klub.

Building a Community

Building a Community

Chess Klub looks to bring people together in a world that’s becoming more and more isolated. We’re helping people grow better together.

Proven Business Model

A Proven Business Model

With 3 physical centers up and running across USA & India, and more in the pipeline, we’ve already proven that the demand exists, and now it’s time to fulfil it.

An Investment with
a Feel-Good Factor

Whether you choose to invest in Chess Klub as a partner or as a franchisee, the one thing you can count on is a gratifying experience. We’re molding the next generation’s minds and shaping them to be strategic thinkers, and that’s worth a lot.

Shaping Young Minds at CHESS KLUB

Shaping Young Minds

We’re curating an analytic and curious mind in youngsters globally who’ll grow up to view the world with a different perspective.

Social Experience

A Social Experience

Whether it’s our online or offline model, we’re curating a social experience for kids and adults by connecting them with other like-minded people.

A Competitive Edge

A Competitive Edge

Healthy competition can be a gift. We’re pitting players of equal skill against each other on a weekly basis, which helps hone their skills.

Creating Forward Thinkers

Creating Forward Thinkers

Chess is a game based on thinking ahead and outsmarting opposition. This will also hold players in good stead in other facets of life.

Ready To Become The White Knight?

Join the Chess Klub by either becoming a franchisee or by becoming a partner. It’s that simple.


Replicate our existing model of success in your city or neighborhood by capitalizing on the assets we’ve already developed and executed. You can start reaping the benefits from day 1.


For those looking to play the long game, you can choose to become a partner at Chess Klub and let your money (and us) work for you.

Want To Get a Better Understanding? Let’s Talk.

Current Locations

Fort Mill, SC, USA

852 Gold Hill Road,
#101, Fort Mill,
SC 29708

Mon – Fri: 4 PM to 8 PM EST

Ballantyne, NC, USA

14045 Ballantyne,
Corporate Pl, Ste 101,
Charlotte 28277

Mon – Fri: 4 PM to 8 PM EST

Bengaluru, India

#66, Nobel Residency Road, Hobli Road, Near Nandi Citadel, Begur, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560076

Mon – Sat : 11 AM to 8 PM IST

It’s Your Turn to Make a Move

Our partners and franchisees become a part of our team, and we guide them every step of the way, making their success an inevitability.

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CHESS KLUB is an investment decision that we’ve thought through. After all, we’re chess players too.