USCF Tournament Updates – March 2021

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This month’s USCF tournament saw some incredible performances, and we are incredibly, 4 out of 5, followed by Eshan Dandey in third place with 3 points. 

USCF – Open Category

The USCF Open Category Tournament was held on 28th March, with Charles Joseph in the first position with a perfect 5 out of 5.

In the third place, we had Adhvik Manoj with a score of 4 out of 5 and Adhvik and Charles shared an interesting game against each other. Charles began the game with the Sicilian Defense, and the game continued to be equal till the middle game. Charles created a Rook Battery in the middle game, increasing the pressure on the kingside. Charles threatened a serious attack on Adhvik’s king with his Queen and Rook, followed by Charles winning a Bishop in the process. On the 45th move, Charles gave a back rank checkmate to Adhvik’s King with his Queen.

Our runner up for this event was Saketh Chavva with a great score of 4.5 out of 5.

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USCF – Under 500 Category

Kashika Khurana was the Champion of the USCF Under 500 Category, held on 11th April with a perfect 5 out of 5. Kashika played an incredible match in her final round against Jun Ichikawa. Kashika began the game with the King pawn opening and the game transposed into the Italian Game Opening. Kashika brought her Queen out early into the game and threatened a checkmate in the opening. Jun fell for this checkmate, making Kashika victorious. In the second place, we had Bhanu Adaveni with a 4, followed by Vivaan Savla with a 3.5 of 5.  

Under-1000 Category

In the Under 1000 category held on 18th April, we had Shiven Patel as our Champion with a wonderful scare of 4.5, followed by Aashay Rathi in second place with a score of 4.5 as well.

Our Champion and runner up played an interesting game against each other in the third round. The game began and was significantly equal in the opening, and the two exchanged minor pieces. Shiven posed an absolute pin on Aashay’s Queen and King, which made Shiven a Queen up, giving him a major advantage. Aashay then posed a severe threat on Shiven’s King, which forced Shiven to exchange his Queen for Aashay’s Rook. The game then moved to the end game, where Shiven was a Rook up.

On the 33rd move, Shiven posed perpetual checks upon Aashay’s king, which forced the game into a Draw by Threefold Repetition. In third place, we had Amoolya Vikas with a score of 4. 


This month’s USCF showed us some exceptional results, and we hope to see the same every month.

Congratulations to all the Winners.