Rudra Mishra – The Battle Master in Tournaments

Rudra Mishra - Winner of this Week

The training through the week shows results in our weekly tournaments. Hence we bring you our list of winners for the week and some of their amazing games. 

Chess KLUB Open Tournament

The Open Tournament had 113 participants competing against each other for a duration of three hours where the event concluded with Vivaan Bhatt as the champion with a fabulous win rate of 77%.

In second place we had Saket Reddy with a win rate of 72% followed by Reyansh Bansal with a win rate of 60%. Vivaan played an interesting game against Saket, where he opened with the Italian Game opening. Vivaan gained a central pawn in the middle game, giving him a positional advantage. By the 3oth move, the game was between the pair of rooks and each opponent had two pawns left on the board. Neither of the opponents had passed pawns.

On the 37th move, Saket committed a rook blunder giving Vivaan a massive advantage. Saket resigned on the 56th move, a move before a forced checkmate. 

Chess KLUB Beginner Battle

In the Beginner Tournament we had Yajat Biyani as our champion with an amazing win rate of 94% who played an intense match against our runner up Arihant Parab, who completed the tournament with a win rate of 74%.

Arihant made a rook blunder in the opening, giving Yajat an advantage from the beginning. Arihant then blundered his queen in the middle game, giving Yajat an even greater advantage. Further, Arihant lost his rook to a rook and king queen fork as well. These chain of events contributed to Arihant resigning on the 27th move.

Sidharth Chanchlani was our third seed with a win rate of 67%. 

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Chess KLUB Intermediate Battle

In the Intermediate level tournament we had Vivaan Bhatt as our champion once again among 50 students with an incredible win rate of 95%.

Rishab Ghosh was second in line with a similar win rate of 95% and our champion and runner up played a brilliant match against each other. Vivaan played the Italian Game opening and the game was fairly equal till Rishab exchanged his queen for Vivaan’s rook and knight on the 12th move. Although according to the point value of the pieces, the situation was equal, because Vivaan had a queen, he had a slight advantage.

On the 42nd move, Vivaan gave Rishab a knight and king fork using his queen, making him a knight up in the end game. On the 44th move, Rishab resigned as Vivaan also had a passed pawn promoting to the 8th rank.

Our second runner up was Ayush Sarraf with a win rate of 71%. 

Chess KLUB Advanced Battle

In the Advanced level tournament we had Rudra Mishra as our champion with a win rate of 57% who played an exceptional match against the runner up of this tournament – Srithika Kasalingam, who completed the event with a win rate of 67%.

Rudra opened the game with the Queen pawn opening. On the 11th move to defend his queen from getting trapped, Rudra sacrificed his knight for two of Srithika’s pawns. Rudra then recovered this knight when he trapped Srithika’s knight on the 18th move. On the 22nd move, Srithika blundered her queen giving Rudra a massive advantage. On the 51st move Srithika resigned while Rudra had cornered her king with two queens.

Archit Singh was our second runner up with a win rate of 40%.

Beginner’s Battle Arena

In our second round of weekly tournaments we had Aariv Upadhyay as the champion for our Beginner Battle Arena with a win rate of 59%.

Aariv played an interesting game against our runner up Rayhan Ulla who concluded the tournament with an excellent win rate of 72%. Aariv tried to gain control of the centre while Rayhan removed his queen early in the game. Aariv lost his pawn in the opening while Aariv tried to attack Rayhan’s king’s territory. Rayhan tried to trap Aariv’s rook while Aariv entered his opponent’s territory. Aariv checkmated Rayhan with his queen on the eighth rank.

Eshan Kadri secured the third position with a win rate of 67%. 

Intermediate Battle Arena

Rishab Ghosh was the champion of the Intermediate Battle Arena with an incredible win rate of 93% followed by Nikitha Kanagaraj with a fantastic win rate of 90%.

The winner and the runner up played an exceptional match against each other. Nikitha played the Italian Game opening and Rishab became a pawn up in the middle game. Nikitha recovered this pawn soon after and the game approached the end game. In the end game, the battle ws between the two rooks and a couple of pawns, and the two players constantly kept capturing each other’s pawns. Onn the 46th move, Rishab moved his king to a spot at which, Nikitha pinned his king and rook on the next move, making Nikitha a rook up and giving her a huge advantage. On the 52nd move Rishab resigned.

Our second runner up for the event was Jethin Bastin who had a win rate of 62%. 

Advaned Battle Arena

In the final event for the week we had Saket Reddy as the winner of the Advanced Battle Arena with a wonderful win rate of 75%.

Saket played a tactical game in his final match against Vishnu Kannan. Vishnu played the King’s Gambit opening and the game was relatively equal till the middle game. Vishnu dominated the middle game by invading Saket’s king territory. After Saket escaped this invasion, Saket posed multiple attacks on Vishnu’s king. On the 30th move, Vishnu missed a mate in one, and lost the game.

In second place we had Archit Singh with a win rate of 50% followed by Adithiyaa Vasudevan, in third place, with a win rate of 40%. 


The winners of this week showed exceptional skill and competitiveness and we hope to see the same in the following week as well. 

Congratulations to all the winners.