Kinjal Chatterjee – Champion of the Week

Kinjal-Chatterjee - Player of the Week


Chess KLUB organises weekly tournaments to allow students to express their skills practically. Let’s take a look at this week’s winner list and some of the exceptional games they played.

Chess KLUB Swiss Open Tournament

In the Swiss Open Tournament held on Saturday, we had 57 participants, with Sabarish Kailasam in first place with an excellent score of 6.5.

His, with his most interesting game being against Saket Reddy in the final game. Saket began the game with the Caro Kann Defense. The two then exchanged their minor pieces, and Saket became a pawn up in the middle game. They then exchanged their Queens and moved to the end game. Sabarish won a Rook in the end game by using a Rook pin. This disadvantage forced Saket to resign on the 68th move.

In third place, we have Joshith Vurimi with a score of 5.5. 

Chess KLUB Open Classic Arena Tournament

The Classic Open Tournament held on Sunday had Kinjal Chatterjee as the champion with a fantastic win rate of 74%, followed by Sabarish Kailasam in second place with a win rate of 92% and Saket Reddy in third place with a win rate of 75%.

Kinjal and Saket played an incredible game against each other. The game began with the King’s Pawn game, and in the middle game, Kinjal posed a pin on both of Saket’s Rooks with his Queen. Kinjal then went on to win one of Saket’s Bishops as well. On the 27th move, Saket blundered his Queen and resigned because of this massive disadvantage.

Intermediate Battle Arena

The Intermediate Battle Arena held on Tuesday had Aarav Patel in first place with a spectacular win rate of 80%, followed by Sabarish Kailasam with a perfect win rate of 100% in second place.

The two played an exciting game that began with the Ruy Lopez Opening, and Aarav became a pawn up in the middle game. Sabarish went on to make a Rook battery to threaten a checkmate that Aarav missed. Finally, Sabarish checkmated Aarav on the 20th move with his two Rooks. Yajat Biyani was our second runner up with a win rate of 67%.

Chess KLUB Regular Open Tournament

On the 16th of June, we had the Chess KLUB Regular Open Tournament, where Sabarish Kailasam at the top of the winner list with a brilliant win rate of 79%.

Sabarish played his best game against our runner up Aarav Patel who had a win rate of 85%. The game began with the Ruy Lopez Opening, and Sabarish gained central control in the opening. In the middle game, Aarav missed a checkmate in two moves that Sabarish was threatening. After Sabarish played the first move towards the checkmate, Aarav resigned, making Sabarish the winner.

Rushil Karande was our second runner up with a win rate of 53%.


This week saw some impressive games and a grand winner list. We hope to see similar results in the following weeks.

Congratulations to all the winners.