Vivaan Budhian – Champion of the Week

CHESS KLUB allows students to express their games practically every week through the weekly tournaments. Let’s take a look at the winners of this week’s tournaments and their games.

On 14th August, we had the Swiss Open Tournament where we had 60 participants with Aaroosh Reddy as the champion with a fabulous score of 6 points over 7 rounds. Aaroosh played an exciting game against the runner up Adhvik Manoj, who had a score of 6 points as well. The game began with the Vienna Game Opening, and Adhvik became a pawn up in the opening.

This was soon followed by the two opponents exchanging their Queens, and unfortunately, Adhvik blundered his Rook. Adhvik then fell for a King and Rook pin, which led to a back rank checkmate on the 25th move. The second runner up at this tournament was Advaith Rajesh, who had a wonderful score of 6 points.

At this tournament, we had Vivaan Budhian in first place with a brilliant win rate of 85%, with his most interesting game being against Sabarish Kailasam. Sabarish was the runner up at this event with a perfect win rate of 100%. Their game began with the Italian Game Opening with the Two Knights Defense variation.

As the game progressed, Sabarish became a Bishop up in the opening, giving Sabarish a massive advantage. On the 9th move, Vivaan missed a checkmate, making Sabarish the winner. The second runner up at this event was Jethin Bastin, who had a win rate of 75%. 

In the Intermediate Battle Arena, we had Parv Parikh at the top of the winner list with a win rate of 67%, with Parv’s best game being against the second runner up at this tournament, Ayush Sarraf who had a win rate of 62%. The game began with the Italian Game Opening, and Ayush became a pawn and a Knight up in the middle game.

This was followed by Ayush blundering his Queen on the 14th move, which gave Parv a huge advantage. This disadvantage forced Ayush to resign on the 14th move. In the second place, we had Sabarish Kailasam with a perfect win rate of 100%. 

In the Classic Arena Tournament held on Wednesday, we had Sabarish Kailasam in first place with a spectacular win rate of 78%, followed by Vihaan Sri in second place with a win rate of 71% and Parv Parikh in third place with a win rate of 50%.

The best game at this event was between Sabarish and Vihaan, which began with the Scotch Game, and the two exchanged a few minor pieces. In the middle game, Sabarish opened up Vihaan’s King and created a passed pawn on the ‘h’ file to pose an attack on the exposed King.

This attack increased when Sabarish used his Queen and Rook to increase this attack. On the 22nd move, the White Rook attacked the Queen while simultaneously threatening a checkmate. This forced Vihaan to resign on the 22nd move. 

This week saw some exceptional games and an outstanding winner list. We hope to see similar results every week.

Congratulations to all the winners.