USCF Tournament Updates – May 2021

USCF Tournaments- Everything you need to know

Hosting the monthly United States Chess Federation tournament is a privilege for us at Chess KLUB. We bring to you the winners of this month’s USCF tournament and some of the incredible games they played.

USCF – Open Category

In the Open Category held on 23rd May, we had Debankan Dhara with an excellent score of 4.5 out of 5, followed by Suvankar Maity in second place with a wonderful score of 4.5.

The two players played an incredible match in the last round. The game began with the Petrof Defense, and Debankan brought out his Queen early into the game and then castled Queenside. Debankan tried to pose an attack on Suvankar’s King and exchanged his Bishop and Knight for three pawns to strengthen the attack. The attack led to the same position repeated three times which caused a draw by threefold repetition on the 16th move.

Kinjal Chatterjee was our second runner up with a score of 4.

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USCF – Under 500 Category

In the Under-500 category, we had Aryan Kale at the top of our winner list with a perfect score of 5 out of 5 points.

Aryan played an engaging game in the 4th round against our runner up Ankit Nanda, who had a score of 3.5. The game began with the Italian Game Opening, and Aryan lost a minor piece in the opening. The two exchanged their Queens in the middle game, after which Aryan became a pawn up.

Aryan then won another pawn, and the two exchanged a Rook. Aryan won a lot of pawns in the middle game, giving him a good advantage, and he created a passed pawn that became a Queen. Ankit resigned on the 50th move making Aryan the winner.

Atiksh Bharti was our second runner up with a score of 3.

Under-1000 Category

Sabarish Kailasam was the champion in the Under-1000 category with an excellent score of 4 out of 5 points.

Sabarsih played a spectacular game against our runner up Kinjal Chatterjee, who had a score of 4 as well, in the 4th round. Kinjal began the game with the Queen pawn opening, and Kinjal won a minor piece in the middle game.

Later in the game, Kinjal won another minor piece, and Sabarish won a Rook. The game became even more interesting when the two opponents started grabbing each others’ pawns, and Kinjal used her two Bishops to pose a serious attack on Sabarish’s King. On the 47th move, Kinjal won the game by checkmating Sabarish’s King with her two Rooks and Queen.

In third place, we had Nihaltej Gundu with a score of 4 as well.


This month’s USCF tournament saw some spectacular performances, and we hope to see the same in the coming months.

Congratulations to all the winners.