Saket Reddy- Champion of the Week

Saket Reddy - Winner of the Online Chess Tournament

CHESS KLUB allows students to explore their games practically at the weekly tournaments we host. Let’s take a look at the brilliant games that took place.

Saket Reddy was the Champion of our Weekly Chess KLUB Swiss Tournament, who had a perfect score of 7 points across 7 rounds, where we had 37 participants compete against each other. Saket played his best game against Nihal Tej Gundu, the runner-up at this event who had a score of 6 points.

The game began with the Sicilian Defense, and the two exchanged their minor pieces in the middle game. Nihal then blundered his Queen for a Rook, and Saket posed a severe threat after. Nihal resigned due to this disadvantage on the 23rd move. In third place, we had Kush Purohit, who had a score of 4.5 points.

Among the 28 participants that competed against each other, we have Adhvik Manoj at the top of the winner list with a fantastic win rate of 82%. Adhvik played an exciting game against Aadithiya Vasudevan, the second runner-up at this event who had a win rate of 54%, and the game began with the Ruy Lopez Opening, and the two exchanged their minor pieces and Queen in the middle game.

Adhvik then used his two Rooks to pose a severe attack upon Aadithiya’s King pushing Aadithiya’s King to the last rank. Adhvik then used this attack to win a Rook which forced Aadithiya to resign on the 27th move. The runner-up at this event was Nikitha Kanagaraj, with a win rate of 75%.

We had our Weekly Classic Arena Tournament on Wednesday, where we had Aariv Upadhyay in the first place with a record-breaking win rate of 100%, followed by Ishi Chaurasia in third place with a win rate of 20%. Aariv played his most interesting game against Ishi in the first round, which began with the Four Knights Defense.

Aariv became a pawn up in the Opening, and Ishi regained this pawn a few moves later, after which they exchanged a few minor pieces. Aariv posed a threat upon Ishi’s King, followed by a Royal Fork on Ishi’s King and Queen, which forced Ishi to resign on the 28th move.  

This week saw some exceptional games and a fabulous winner list. We hope to see similar results every week. 

Congratulations to all the winners.