Online Chess Streaming is the Latest Craze

Main Online Chess Streamers

The Pandemic has allowed Chess to expand phenomenally across the world since that was all people could do at home, all locked up. Apart from the unavailability of human contact, chess streamers played an impactful role in making chess more popular.

Online platforms like Twitch and Youtube have made it alot more accessible for people across the world to be updated with Chess events and games across the world.

Let’s take a look at some of the best online chess streamers:

Daniel Naroditsky

Daniel Naroditsky is a Grandmaster from the United States of America who has a classical rating of 2623 and a rapid rating of 2639. He is among the most popular YouTubers, with over 100,000 subscribers on Twitch and Youtube. Daniel began his streaming journey back in 2019 and is the best channel to access high-level chess in the most simplified manner.

One of the most famous names in the streaming industry is Hikaru Nakamura. This American Grandmaster is considered to have played a huge role in making chess streaming a fruitful avenue. Nakamura recently won the Fischer Random World Chess Championship in Iceland and is one of the best players in the world.

His insights on matches are incomparable, and his insights are complemented by his wit and entertaining delivery making his streams the most anticipated ones across Youtube and Twitch.

Alexandra and Anna Botez

Alexandra and Anna Botez are the absolute favorites among Twitch’s Chess Streaming Community. Both of them have achieved their individual string of chess titles, but what makes them unique and crowd favorites are their constant engagement with various other content creators on their channels, keeping the viewers constantly entertained.

The versatility of content available here is unmatched, and their humor attracts more and more of an audience every day. Andrea’s humor became a crowd favorite when she decided to ask Magnus Carlsen at a press conference held at the World Chess Championship about how the Knight moves.

This conversation became famous among chess enthusiasts, and the term ‘Botez Gambit’ followed this conversation by becoming a part of the ‘chess internet humor’ domain.


Levy Rodman is known for his YouTube channel – GothamChess and has one of the largest YouTube Channels among streamers. His YouTube content is usually pre-recorded however his New York attitude gets the best of him on his Twitch Channel with a constant flow of entertainment and wit.

Chessbrah Group

Eric Hansen & Co that share the Twitch Channel – The Chessbrah Group, are probably the most original habitants of the chess streaming world on twitch. The channel is managed by Eric Hansen and Aman Hambleton, who are both popular Grandmasters. The channel does more than streaming chess tournaments or monumentous matches; they also stream famous video games and have gathered a massive fan following for the same.

These are some of the most prominent names on Twitch and Youtube, providing a variety of streams for chess lovers across the world to enjoy the game as it grows. However, there are multiple other budding and impressive streamers catering to you chess enthusiasts across the world and have entertained us for months during the hard period of the Pandemic, so support them as much as you can and stay tuned!