Joshith Sai Vurimi– Champion of the Week

Chess KLUB allows students to explore their practical abilities through the weekly tournaments we host. Let’s take a look at some of the brilliant games that took place this week along with the wonderful winner list.

We held our regular Chess KLUB Swiss Open Tournament held on Saturday where we had Aadithya Vasudevan as the Champion with an excellent score of 5.5 points. Aadithya played his best game against the second runner-up Saket Reddy who had a score of 4.5 points. The game began with the Italian Game Opening, where Saket became a pawn up in the Opening.

They then exchanged their Queens, and Aadithya recovered his lost pawn. In the end game, Saket fell for a Bishop pin on his King and Rook, making Aadithya a piece up. As the game progressed, Aadithya created a passed pawn which forced Saket to resign on the 48th move. In second place, we had Nikitha Kanagaraj with a score of 5 points.

We had our Chess KLUB Classic Arena Tournament held on Sunday with Joshith Sai Vurimi at the top of the winner list, who had a spectacular win rate of 83%. Joshith played an exceptionally engaging game in the last round against Jethin Bastin where the game began with the Anti-Fried Liver Variation of the Italian Game Opening. Joshith gained two pawns in the middle game, followed by the two exchanging their Queens.

In the end game, Joshith created a passed pawn that he converted into Queen, which gave Joshith a huge advantage. The game ended with Joshith posing a checkmate upon Jethin’s King with his Queen and Rook on the 47th move. The runner-up and second runner-up at this event were Adhvik Manoj and Sabarish Kailasam, respectively. 

On Wednesday, we had the Weekly Classic Arena tournament with Rishi Nair in first place with a perfect win rate of 100%, followed by Vihaan Thota in second place with a win rate of 46% and Jacob Light in third place with a win rate of 50%.

The most interesting game at the event was between our Champion Rishi Nair and the runner-up Vihaan Thota where the game began with the Queen’s Gambit Declined Opening, and Vihaan won three pawns while Rishi won a Bishop in the middle game followed by which the two players exchanged their Queens.

Rishi then posed a strong attack on Vihaan’s King with his two Rooks which ended as a checkmate on the 33rd move. 

This week saw some fantastic games and a refreshing winner list. We hope to see similar results every week.

Congratulations to all the winners.