Ishan Priya – Champion of the Month

Chess KLUB allows students to explore their passion for chess practically through the weekly tournaments that are a big hit among KLUB members. Lets take a look at the brilliant games our students played this week along with the winner board. 

This week, we had the Chess KLUB monthly championship, where we had Ishan Priya as the month’s champion with a perfect score of 9 points across the 9 rounds he played. Ishan played his best game against the runner up at this event, Sabarish Kailasam, who had an excellent score of 8. Sabarish blundered a pawn in the opening, and the two players exchanged their Queens in the middle game.

 As the game progressed, Ishan posed a serious attack on Sabarish’s King with his two Rooks and two Bishops. Sabarish tried to counter-attack Ishan’s King but failed, and Sabarish’s King was checkmated on the 30th move. In third place, we had Adhvik Manoj with a score of 6.5 points.

This weekly tournament had 36 participants with Adhvik Manoj at the top of the winner list who had a spectacular win rate of 79%. Adhvik played an exciting game against our second runner up Parv Parikh, who had a win rate of 63%. The game began with the Italian Variation of the Russian Game Opening, and the two exchanged their Queens in the middle game.

Adhvik then became a Bishop up, and the two then exchanged Rook and progressed to the end game. Adhvik then won another minor piece, and Parv resigned when the game was between the minor pieces and the pawns on the 27th move. In the second place, we had Aarav Patel, who had a win rate of 77%. 

In the Intermediate Battle Arena held on Monday, we had Havish Venkat in first place with a perfect win rate of 100%. Havish played an engaging game against the runner up Aarush Vasanthakumar, who had a win rata of 50%. Aarush began the game with the Sicilian Defense opening and blundered a Knight in the opening.

Aarush then blundered a Rook on the 13th move and had a major disadvantage. This disadvantage forced him to resign making Venkat the winner. The third seed here was Vihaan Sri who had a perfect win rate of 100% as well.

In the Weekly Classic Arena tournament held on Wednesday we had Parv Parikh in first place with a win rate of 82% followed by Aariv Upadhyay in second place with a win rate of 53% and Kush Purohit in third place with a win rate of 50%.

The most aggressive game of the event was between Parv and Aariv where the game began with the Anderssen Defense. In the middle game, Aarive posed a Knight fork on Parv’s King and Rook and became material up.

This was followed by Parv posing a very strong attack on Aariv’s King with his Queen and Knight. On the 15th move, Aariv’s King was under a strong attack and was extremely exposed. This forced Aariv to resign. 

This week saw some exceptinal games and an impressive winner list. We hope to see similar results every week.

Congratulations to all the winners!