Eshan Kadri – Champion of the Week

Eshan Kadri - Champion of the Weekly Chess Tournament

Chess KLUB hosts weekly tournaments to allow students to improve their gameplay. Let’s take a look at the games that took place this week and the winner list.

The first tournament of the week was the Swiss Open Tournament, where we had Eshan Kadri as the champion with an exceptional score of 5.5 points out of 7, with his best game being against the runner up. The runner up at this event was Saket Reddy, who also had a score of 5.5, and the two players played a match against each other in the second round. 

Their game began with the Two Knights Defense Variation of the Italian Game Opening, and Saket had a great position in the middle game. The two exchanged all their minor pieces, and Saket had a Rook battery on the ‘f’ file and the Queen on the ‘g’ file, making it an uncomfortable situation for Eshan’s King.

This attack faded out eventually when the two players exchanged their Queens, followed by an exchange of Rooks. In the end game, Saket was two pawns up with a Rook against Eshan’s Rook, when the two players repeated the same position three times, leading to a Draw by Threefold Repetition on the 78th move. In third place, we had Vishnu Kannan with a score of 5.5 as well. 

On Sunday, we had the Chess KLUB Classic Arena Tournament, with Saket Reddy as the champion with a spectacular win rate of 85%. Saket played an excellent game against the second runner up, Aariv Upadhyay, who had a win rate of 60%.The game began with the Two Knights Defense variation of the Italian Game Opening, and Saket went for the fried liver attack.

The attack forced Aariv’s King to be exposed, making the attack more persuasive, and Saket successfully checkmated Aariv’s King on the 29th move. In second place, we had Sanjey Ramachandran with an amazing win rate of 77%.

On Tuesday, we had the intermediate Battle Arena with Ishan Priya as the champion with a perfect win rate of 100% followed by Parv Parikh in second place with a win rate of 63% followed by Eshan Kadri in third place with a win rate of 80%.

Ishan played an aggressive game against Ansh Pawar where the game began with the Ruy Lopez Opening and Ishan became a pawn up in the opening. Ishan then created a Rook battery to pose a severe attack upon Ansh’s King. On the 21st move Ishan checkmated Ansh’s King with his two Rooks.

On Wednesday we had our Weekly Classic Arena Tournament with Sabarish Kailasam is the champion with an record-breaking win rate of 100% with his most exciting game being against the second runner Aariv Upadhyay who had a wonderful win rate of 54%. This game began with the Caro Kann Defense  and Sabarish became a Knight up in the opening.

Sabraish then threatened a strong attack upon Aariv’s King which exposed Aariv’s King in the middle game. Aariv then resigned on the 14th move due to this disadvantage. In third place we had Parv Parikh with a win rate of 50%. 

This week saw some exceptional games and a brilliant winner list.

Congratulations to all the winners.