Apocalypse Attack

The Apocalypse attack may be an uncommon choice but definitely has potential. The attack makes a daring attempt to compromise the structural integrity of Black’s position early in the game and follows the principles of rapid development and King safety.

In the vast ocean of chess openings, certain aggressive strategies stand out, promising a spectacle of tactical fireworks. One intriguing gambit is the “Apocalypse Attack,” arising from the solid and time-tested Caro-Kann Defense.

The Apocalypse Attack refers to a specific line in the Caro-Kann Defense, which is usually characterized by solid, positional play. The attack is a daring attempt to compromise the structural integrity of Black’s position early in the game.

1.e4 c6

Apocalypse Attack

History and Origin

The Apocalypse Attack’s origins are not as well documented as more mainstream lines, but it emerged from the variations and alternative strategies against the traditionally solid Caro-Kann.


The theoretical underpinnings of the Apocalypse Attack are grounded in the principles of rapid development and king safety. The idea is to disrupt Black’s natural development, often at the cost of material, to launch an aggressive assault on the uncastled king.

General Concepts of Apocalypse Attack

Key concepts of the Apocalypse Attack include the opening of central lines, quick mobilization of pieces, and creating asymmetry in the position that can disorient the opponent and lead to tactical opportunities.

1.  Main Line

  1. e4 c6
  2. Nf3 d5
  3. exd5 cxd5
  4. Ne5
Apocalypse Attack Mainline

Ne5 is a very logical move when compared with the traditional Exchange Variation of the Caro-Kann. The Knight is powerfully centralized here and serves as a centerpiece for a plan of dark-square domination. The Caro-Kann Opening is considered solid and safe with a better pawn structure, often leading to good endgames. This defense is marked by Black responding to e4 with – c6, and the mainline here encompasses d4 and d5 as the second move. When White plays – Nf3 instead of d4 and then chooses to exchange the pawns on the ‘d5’ square, we transition into the Apocalypse attack. In the usual Caro-Kann defense, White goes to great lengths to avoid playing – Nf3 or to protect the pin that would take place if the White Knight went to f3.

2. Variations of the Apocalypse Attack

A popular variation involves:

  1. e4 c6
  2. Nf3 d5
  3. exd5 cxd5
  4. Ne5 Nf6
  5. d4 e6
  6. Nd2 Be7
  7. c3 O-O
Apocalypse Attack Variation

White’s idea is to reinforce his outpost on e5 by playing d4, f4, and c3 with a strong central wedge. Strategically, the e5 square is a great central square for the Knight, allowing a prospective Bb5 for White and multiple aggressive developing opportunities.


  1. e4 c6
  2. d4 d5
  3. e5 Bf5
  4. h4 h6
Apocalypse Attack Traps

Here, if Black is not careful and plays 5…e6, then 6. g4 Bh7 7. g5 hxg5 8. hxg5 is a tricky sequence. Black’s bishop on h7 can become a target after White’s queen enters the game with Qh5, leading to a strong attack against Black’s Bishop on h7 and prospectively on the Black King as well, making this a rather uncomfortable position for Black.

Books to Refer to

The above books may not have the deepest details on the Apocalypse Attack but give readers a detailed insight into the Caro-Kann Defense.


The Apocalypse Attack is a niche choice, with a lower frequency of play compared to mainline Caro-Kann variations, but it has a surprisingly high success rate for White in amateur play.

Grandmaster Games

While rare at the highest levels, the Apocalypse Attack has made appearances in grandmaster games. A notable example includes the encounter between Grandmasters `Nakamura and Beliavsky, where Nakamura’s audacious play in the Apocalypse Attack line led to a swift victory. The recent use of the Apocalypse Attack by Super-GM Morozevich in the Amber Blindfold Tournament was also applauded

The Apocalypse Attack is a bold, aggressive line against the Caro-Kann Defense, offering White exciting tactical possibilities at the expense of some risk. While not as theoretically robust as the main lines, it provides a psychological edge and can lead to quick victories against unprepared opponents. For the adventurous player seeking to steer the game into less charted territories, the Apocalypse Attack is a weapon worth considering in their opening repertoire. Whether you are playing in a club game or battling it out in a tournament, this aggressive gambit can be an exciting addition to your chess arsenal.


1. Is the Apocalypse Attack a good variation for White against the Caro-Kann Defence?

The attack may not be the best variation against the Caro-Kann, but it can be highly effective in practical play with variations that could lead to White having a great advantage.

2. Can the Apocalypse Attack be played at all levels?

Yes, it’s a universal strategy that can surprise opponents at an amateur and club level. It hasn’t been deeply explored at the Grand Master level yet.

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