Venkata Haricharish Maddeboina – Champion of the Week

Chess KLUB allows students to explore their games through the Weekly Tournaments we host, and this week saw some exceptional games and a brilliant winner list. Let’s take a look at the details of the past week’s tournaments. 

The first tournament of the week was the Chess KLUB Swiss Open Tournament with 50 participants competing against each other and Aaroosh Reddy at the top of this participant list as the Champion, with an excellent score of 6 points across 7 games. Aaroosh played his most interesting game against the runner up Aarush Vasanthakumar, who had a fantastic score of 5.5 points.

The game began with the Hungarian Opening, where Aarush won two pawns in the opening, which was followed by the two payers exchanging their Queens. Aarush then went on to win another pawn but blundered a minor piece soon after equalizing the position. Aaroosh then pinned Aarush’s pawn and Rook and threatened a strong attack, giving him an advantage.

Aarush was also under time pressure with 2 minutes on his clock and at a disadvantage which caused him to resign on the 33rd move. In third place, we had Viraj Charizard, who had a score of 5 points. 

On Sunday, 10th October, we had the Chess KLUB Classic Arena Tournament, where we had Sabarish Kailasam at the top of the winner list with a perfect win rate of 100%. Sabarish played his best game against our second seed, Ayaansh Kaistha, who had a win rate of 91% in the second round.

The game began with the Sicilian Defense, and Sabarish gained control over the center as the game progressed. In the middle game, Sabarish posed an attack on Ayaansh’s Bishop while simultaneously posing a checkmate. This disadvantage forced Ayaansh to resign on the 17th move. In third place, we had Aarish Ganesh with a win rate of 56%.

On Wednesday, we held the Weekly Classic Arena Tournament, where we had Kush Purohit at the top of the winner list with a fabulous win rate of 75%. The most exciting game at this event was played between Kush and the second runner up, Aariv Upadhyay, the second runner up at this event, who had a win rate of 40%.

The game began with the Anti Fried Liver Variation of the Italian Game Opening, and Kush trapped Aariv’s Knight on the 15th move. Kush then exposed Aariv’s King in the middle game and posed an attack with his Queen, Knight and Rook. Finally, Kush checkmated Aariv’s King on the 41st move. The runner up at this event was Aarush Vasanthakumar, who had a win rate of 67%. 

Finally, we had the Intermediate Battle Arena Tournament held on Thursday, where we had Venkata Haricharish Maddeboina in the first place, who had an excellent win rate of 75%, followed by Parv Parikh in second place with a win rate of 67% and Ansh Pawar in third place.

Venkata and Parv played an engaging game in the final round where the game began with the Bishop’s Opening, and the two exchanged Queens early into the game. As the game progressed, Parv became two pawns up, and Venkata posed a King and Rook pin using his Rook in the middle game. This gave Venkata a huge advantage, due to which he resigned a few moves later on the 33rd move.

This week saw a refreshing winner list and some mind-blowing games. We hope to see similar results every week.

Congratulations to all the winners.