USCF Tournament Updates – April 2021

USCF Tournaments- Everything you need to know

The USCF tournaments held in April saw some brilliant games and a striking winner list. Let’s take a look at some of the games that took place and the champions list.

USCF – Open Category

We had 29 participants at the USCF- Open category tournament with Charles Joseph as our champion with a score of 4.5 out of 5 points.

Charles played an excellent game against the runner up of this event Suvankar Maity who had 4 points. Suvankar became a pawn up in the opening, and Charles regained this lost pawn in the middle game. The two then exchanged their minor pieces and Rooks. Charles gained a lot of pawns as the game progressed to the end game.

Charles then created a passed pawn while simultaneously posing an attack on Suvankar’s king. On the 65th move, Charles’s passed pawn was on the 7th rank while simultaneously threatening a checkmate. This position forced Suvankar to resign, making Charles the winner.

Our second runner up was Debankan Dhara, with a score of 4 as well.

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USCF – Unrated Category

In the first place, we had Rithika Thatipatri with a brilliant score of 3 out of 3 points, followed by Akhilesh Senthil with a score of 2 and Prisha Gupta in third place with a score of 2 as well.

In the second round, our champion played an interesting match against our runner up. Rithika began the game with the Queen pawn opening, and Akhilesh became a pawn up in the middle game. The two then exchanged their Queens, and Rithika posed a knight fork on Akhilesh’s King and Rook. Rithika then took control of an open file with her Rook and posed a checkmate.

Akhilesh missed this checkmate and lost the game on the 19th move.

USCF – Under 500 Category

Paarth Chowdhary was the winner in our Under-500 category with a score of 4 out of 5 points.

Paarth played an exceptional game against our runner up Nihaltej Gundu, who also scored 4 points in the third round. The game began with the Queen’s gambit declined opening, and Paarth became a pawn up in the opening. Paarth then posed a family fork using his knight, allowing Paarth to gain a significant advantage. This forced Nihatej to resign on the 13th move.

Our second runner up at this event was Devansh Pamecha, with a score of 3.5.

Under-1000 Category

Aman Sreshtha was our Champion with a fabulous score of 4.5, followed by Sabarish Kailasam in second place with a score of 4.5 as well.

The two played a splendid game against each other in the final round. Aman began the game with the Queen’s Gambit that Sabarish declined. The two opponents exchanged their Queens in the middle game. The two then castled on their Queensides and exchanged their Rooks. The two then started capturing each other’s pawns, and Sabarish became a pawn up.

Finally, the game was between Sabarish’s two pawns against Aman’s one pawn. The two then exchanged one pawn, and Sabarish was left with one pawn on the ‘a’ file. This position eventually led to a stalemate on the 50th move.

In third place, we had Kinjal Chatterjee with a score of 4 points.


This month’s USCF saw an interesting turn of the events along with fresh names on the winner list. We hope to see similar results every month.

Congratulations to all the winners.