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``Anger is a potent spice. A pinch wakes you up; too much dulls your senses.``

Harry Beltik to Beth Harmon, The Queen’s Gambit

By now, thousands of sets of chess pieces have been sold, millions of viewers oohed and aahed over the chess moves and intricate mind games played by chess players in the Netflix magnum opus or should we say, a sleeping hit – The Queen’s Gambit.”

The protagonist, Beth Harmon, a chess prodigy in the making has always been a loner, looking out for people whom she could rely on and be her true self with. While she is breaking records, norms, and egos of well-ranked chess masters, she is also looking out for people who could help her overcome her weaknesses.

Partner play in chess is something similar to what happens in the TV series.

The dialogue that I shared at the beginning of this write-up originated when Harry takes over coaching Beth and his first task is to break Beth’s habit of getting mad over every cross or challenge is thrown at her – often leading to her losing the whole game.

There are countless benefits of having a partner who can help you with your game.

Most chess players rue the fact that after a level, they are not able to find players who can challenge them, and serious players often battle with being pitted against someone on par or just below their own skill levels.

This leads to boredom and easy wins.

Any seasoned chess player worth their salt will tell you the importance of having someone who is better at the game than they are and playing against them naturally helps them improve their game before the next tournament.

Chess is a masterful game of strategic thinking.

Anticipating future moves, and being able to figure out the opponent’s game is something that comes with immense practice and a lot of time spent on the 64 squares. Chess may be a game of black and white, but there are countless grey areas when it comes to preparing yourself for big games and stronger challenges.

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In comes a concept where with teamwork, you can be better at your game. A simple idea of playing with someone who knows the high-strung tension of chess tournaments and the sometimes-total obsessiveness that this game can inspire. There are masters and pro players who are trained on how to move pieces with swift, almost machine-gun-like movements, whereas there are players who take their own time and are not at all bothered about the clock ticking and take a split-second decision in the blink of an eye.

For all types of players, there is one thing in common, most chess players like to run and rerun their moves, their mistakes, opponent’s blunders, and their victory and defeat strategies over and over again in their heads. This unique way of analyzing any game becomes even more engaging and productive if you have a partner who can help in assessing the game you just played with them.

Another thing that works in favor of partner play is the fact that players do not speak to each other during matches.

It is not only considered bad sportsmanship, it is also against the rules. But when you are facing a partner during our partner play program, you can and you will end up discussing one move after the other in detail, sharing more and more insights, and enriching yourself with better chess playing strategies for the future.

Although chess is an individual sport, it takes an entire support system including a team for a player to be successful at any level. Talent can take an individual only to a limit.

The 90 minutes that you spend with your playing partner at Chess KLUB could well be the defining moment in your chess career.

In just 4 sessions, you could see a remarkable difference in your approach as well as be able to overcome your weaknesses and learn from some of the highly rated and revered players in the world.

Your playing partner would be someone who :

  • Will be FIDE/ USCF Rated
  • Has at least 10 years of playing experience
  • Has in-depth knowledge of chess

Here are the benefits of scaling up your game with the exclusive playing partner program by Chess Klub :

  1. You get a player who is higher rated than you so you have a benchmark to look up to
  2. You analyze each game after you have played it with the player, meaning you learn as you progress in the game.
  3. The program is scalable, meaning, you move on to the next level or higher ranking and get a player ranked higher than you.

To conclude – I leave you with a thoughtful quote from “The Queen’s Gambit “ that Benny tells Beth:

You know what is the difference between the Russians and Americans? They help each other out. Us Americans, we work alone because we’re all such individualists. We don’t like to let anyone help us.

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