See You at the Games – Chess KLUB Tournaments – 8 to15, August 2020

Weekly Online Chess Tournaments by Chess KLUB
Henry J. Kaiser - American industrialist

Taste the relish to be found in competition-in having put forth the best within you.

Henry Kaiser

Our weekly tournaments at Chess KLUB inculcate this very spirit of competitiveness among our students. Hence, we bring to you, the winners of the competitions between the 8th and15th of August, and some of their incredible games.

Chess KLUB Open Tournament

On the 8th of August, we had the Chess KLUB Open Classic Arena tournament where we had a total of 111  students take part who played against each other for three hours.

The Champion of the day was  Hemanth Samayamantri who played a total of 23 games. His most recognized match of the day was his match against Adhvik Manoj. Although this match lasted only 30 moves, both the opponents felt the need to jump into the end game very soon.

Unfortunately, Adhvik made a blunder on the 12th move which allowed Hemanth to be an exchange up. Hemanth exploited this advantage to the fullest allowing him to convert this advantage into a win eventually in the end game.

The second runner up for the day was Arav Singh who played a remarkable 19 matches.

Chess KLUB Beginner’s Battle

The 9th of August saw the Beginner’s Battle Arena Tournament where forty-four students competed against each other for three hours.

The runner up of this competition was Ayush Sarraf who played an incredible 19 games. However, his most engaging game was against Johan Chavara. Both the opponents blundered their minor pieces in the middle game which allowed the position to be more or less equal till Johan blundered a few pawns here and there. Ayush most appropriately took advantage of this situation and after a splendid 30 moves, Johan resigned.

Our second runner up for the day was the spectacular Abheek Sanagapally who played a brilliant ten games over the three hours.

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Chess KLUB Intermediate Battle

On the 9th of August, we also had the Intermediate Battle Arena Tournament, where we had sixty-five students compete against each other over three hours.

The champion here was Adhvik Manoj who played a spectacular twenty-four games. His most exciting game was against our runner up for the day Paarth Chowdhary that went on for sixty-eight mind-blowing moves. Unfortunately, Parth made a queen blunder in the opening which gave Adhvik an immense advantage that our champion thoroughly exploited and ended the game by checkmating black with two queens in the end game. Although Parth lost this game, he placed second after playing twenty-two marvelous games.

Advit Gupta followed in the third-place who played a total of fourteen games.

Chess KLUB Advanced Battle

Finally, on the 9th of August, we had the Advanced Battle Arena Tournament where sixteen students competed against each other.

The winner of this event was Ishant Gandikota, who played fifteen beautiful games. His most intriguing game was against our extremely talented runner up for the day Siddharth Amaradhi. Although this game only lasted twenty moves, the tactical and attacking skills displayed by both sides was remarkable.

Ishant went for a Fried Liver Attack that Siddharth was initially able to tackle however eventually allowed Ishuchess to take advantage of his open king. The latter allowed him to win the game eventually. However, Siddharth did place a deserving second position after playing glorious seventeen games.

In the third place, we had Dron Acharya Das, who played an exciting twelve games.

Beginners Swiss League Tournament

On the 10th of August, thirty-four of our new chess minds competed against each other in the Beginner Swiss League Tournament over six rounds.

Our runner up for the day was Ayush Sarraf who had a high score of 4.5 / 6. The most spectated match of the day was Ayush’s match against Arrive Upadhyaya, our second runner up for the day. Using his tactical skills, Ayush managed to open up his opponent’s king in the first twelve moves itself, which allowed him to pursue an extremely attacking game then on. Eventually, Ayush managed to checkmate Arrive in thirty-five moves after displaying excellent skill throughout.

Although Arrive lost this game, he did place third with an incredible score of 4.5 / 6.

“Chess is the gymnasium of the mind.”

Blaise Pascal

Intermediate Swiss League Tournament

On the 12th of August, we had the Intermediate Swiss League Tournament where we had fifty- eight students compete against each other over six rounds.

The champion of the day was our very own Advit Gupta who had an incredible score of 5.5 / 6. His most exciting game was his last game which was against Rishab Ghosh. Having made an error in analyzing the position, unfortunately, Rishab lost his rook in the middle game giving Advit an incredible advantage allowing Advit to have the upper hand in the end game. This caused Rishab to resign on the 40th move.

Our first and second runner up for the day were Jai Aditya and Adithiyaa Vasudevan respectively who had scores of 5 / 6 and 4.5 / 6

Advanced Swiss League Tournament

On the 13th of August, we had the Chess KLUB Advanced Swiss League Tournament where we saw a cut-throat competition between fourteen players over six rounds.

The champion at this battle of minds was Advit Gupta who had an incredible score of 5 / 6. The most exciting game at this event was between Advit and our runner up Dron Acharya Das that I lasted an excellent sixty-five moves. Although Dron Acharya had double pawns in the opening and middle game, the position was relatively equal, until the middle game, where these double pawns cost Dron Acharya the game. The two displayed their skills to perfection until the very last move. Although Dron Acharya lost this game, he did place second at this event with a commendable score of 4.5 / 6.

In third place, we had Druheen Das with a score of 4.5 / 6 as well.

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It makes us extremely happy to see the growth and progress that our students display every week and they always leave us eagerly waiting for the following week to see our budding masters surprise us once again. Awaiting another round of great performances, we present to you the links for the tournaments of the following week.

Congratulations to all our winners!

Chess KLUB Aug 15 Classic ArenaAug 15, 2020
Inter Battle ArenaAug 16, 2020
Chess KLUB Battle ArenaAug 16, 2020
KLUB Adv Battle ArenaAug 16, 2020