CHESS KLUB Mother’s Day 2021 Special

Bharathi Venkat - Women's Day Tournament Winner

Chess KLUB introduced an exciting event this year, on account of Mother’s Day, allowing all the lovely Mothers to add a fun-filled event to this joyful day. Mothers are always by our side through every event or competition that we participate in.

We at Chess KLUB decided to return this favour to all the affectionate mothers by giving students a chance to be their mothers’ support systems for a day. This exhilarating event saw some exceptional games and mind-blowing twists and turns.

The champion at this event and Mommy No.1 for the day was Bharathi Venkat, with a fantastic 4 out of 5 rounds. In second place, we had Geetha Bhargavi followed by Vijayeta Salagundi in third place, and they both had a score of 4 as well. Let’s take a look at some of the most engaging games that took place at this event

5th Round

One of the most interesting games that took place at this event was a game between our Champion and our second runner up in the 5th round.

Vijayeta had her pawn in Bharathi’s territory ealy into the game that allowed Vijayeta to pose an attack on Bharathi’s king and win a Rook in the middle game. This was followed by the two exchanging their Queens and Vijayeta won a Bishop by posing a pin on two of Bharathi’s Bishops.

The two then exchanged Rooks as well and Vijayeta created a passed pawn that became a Queen. Vijayeta then made another Queen and checkmated Bharathi’s King with two Queens and a Rook.

4th Round

Bharathi Venkat and Manisha played an engaging match in the 4th round on the first table. Bharathi posed a pawn fork on Manisha’s knight and pin in the opening and became material up. Manisha then posed a knight fork on Bharathi’s Rook and King in the middle game making Manisha a Rook up and the two then exchanged their Queens.

Just as the game was becoming competitive and as the two opponents were entering the end game, Manisha got timed out and Bharathi won the game.

3rd Round

In the third round, our winner and runner up played a brilliant game against each other on the 2nd table. The game began with the Italian Game Opening and Geetha brought her Queen out early into the game and she became a pawn up in the middle game.

Bharathi blundered her Rook and Manisha posed recurrent attacks on Bharathi’s king. Bharathi then attacked Geetha’s king with her Queen, Rook and Bishop and won Geetha’s Rook while doing so. In the end game Geetha blundered her Rook, giving Bharathi a major advantage.

Bharathi created a passed pawn that became a Queen and checkmated Geetha’s king on the 69th move.

2nd Round

In the second round a brilliant match took place on the first table between Shilpa Dalvi and Archana Kolangara.

Archana posed a Bishop fork on Shilpa’s King and Rook in the middle game and posed a serious attack on Shilpa’s king. Archana then won a Bishop as well and made her attack stronger with the use of her Rook. She finally checkmated Shilpa with two Bishops, her Rook and her Queen on the 27th move.

First Round

The first round on our first table was between Archana and our second runner up Vijayeta.

Vijayeta posed a pawn fork on two of Archana’s minor pieces in the opening, making her material up. Archana then posed a knight fork on Vijayeta’s Queen and Rook in the middle game. The two then exchanged Queens and entered the end game.

Archana posed perpetual checks on Vijayeta’s king and on the 44th move Vijayeta ran out of time making Archana the winner.


This event was one of the most special events held at Chess KLUB with some exciting turn of events. We hope this tournament was as memorable for all the mothers as it was for us.

A big thank you to all the Mothers for gracing this event with their presence and a very Happy Mother’s Day to all.