Chess KLUB Father’s Day Tournament

Kanagaraj Maheswaran

On 19th June, Chess KLUB organized a special tournament to celebrate all the fathers. The tournament saw some surprising turns and incredible games. Kanagaraj Matheswaran was our champion at this event with an excellent score of 4.5, followed by Sudhir Deshmukh in second place and Ganesh Kailasam in third place with a score of 4.

Let’s take a look at some of the best games at this event:

The best game at the event was between our champion and Sathish Kumar in the 5th round. Kanagaraj began the game with the Four Knights Opening, and he became an exchange up in the middle game. As the game progressed, Kanagraj won a pawn and a minor piece giving him a massive advantage. The two opponents then exchanged their Queens, and Kanagraj created a passed pawn. The passed pawn then became a Queen, and Kanagraj checkmated Sathish’s king on the 59th move.

Ganesh Kailasam and Naga Bhaskara Rao played an engaging game in the final round. Ganesh began the game with the Ruy Lopez opening, and Ganesh posed a severe attack on Naga’s King. Ganesh won a minor piece while posing an attack on Naga’s King. The two players then exchanged their Queens and one Rook each, and Ganesh created a passed pawn. This passed pawn then became a Queen, and Ganesh checkmated Naga’s King on the 59th move.

Satish Kumar and Sudhir Deshmukh played a brilliant game in the 4th round. Sudhir Deshmukh began the game with the Pirc Defense and became two pawns up in the middle game. Satish trapped Sudhir’s Queen, making Satish a Queen up. Satish used this advantage to pose a severe attack upon Sudhir’s King and checkmated Sudhir’s King on the 22nd move.

In the 4th round, Tanmay Pani and Ganesh Kailasam played an exciting game against each other at the 2nd table. The game began with the Caro-Kann defence, and Ganesh became a pawn up in the opening. Tanmay recovered this loss and won a pawn more and a Rook in the middle game. Ganesh regained this loss and posed perpetual checks on Tanmay’s King. The same position was repeated three times in the game, which led to a Draw by Three Fold Repetition.

This tournament saw some exceptional games and an amazing winner list. Congratulations to all the dads for allowing us to spectate this wonderful event and for showing exemplary sportsmanship.