Chess is Calling, Bengaluru

Learn chess in Bengaluru

Did you spend the last couple of years in a series of virtual meetings, webinars, and online tutorials for everything from languages to cooking?

So did most people around the world.

The brainiacs of Bengaluru, however, did things a little differently. Our Smart City lived up to its reputation by learning chess online.

Kids have picked up a bit of everything – from strategy to skill – from moving pieces around on a chessboard on a screen. The 44th Chess Olympiad, held in Mahabalipuram in August 2022, only added to the buzz around this unique game. Who can forget how Napier Bridge in Chennai was decked up in black and white, like a chessboard? It became a selfie spot, and made international headlines too.

And while that’s great, with the worst of Covid behind us, it’s time to ditch those haphazard learnings from random tutorials. It’s time to lean into a systematic learning plan for the game of life, the game of chess.

There’s no better place to do so, than CHESS KLUB.

Bengaluru has always loved all things creative and fun. In the past couple of years, there has been a rise in the number of chess-playing groups, and the interest in chess itself. So much so, that even during a pandemic, we saw a 30-40% increase in enquiries about chess classes at Bangalore CHESS KLUB, and Online too. Staying at home these past two years has whetted people’s appetites for something challenging and inventive, and chess is the perfect game for that.

CHESS KLUB FortMill Center

CHESS KLUB Center in FortMill, SC

You learn strategy, patience, forethought, planning, focus, and so much more. Now that parents see how much chess can do for their kids’ intelligence and development, they want to keep their love of the game alive.

CHESS KLUB is a fun, safe environment, where children are meaningfully engaged. Classes take place in a calm, welcoming, thoughtfully designed space. As a consequence, children learn in a systematic, sustainable fashion. With a well-designed lesson plan and a structured journey, children start growing and understanding the game better from day one. And while online classes were a necessity as we tried to stay safe during the pandemic, now that things are better, we are welcoming chess lovers to our center.

So come on, and join the party at CHESS KLUB!