Here’s a Chance to Give Back and Get Rewarded!

Chess KLUB Referral Program

We all know people who are very good at something but are not able to pursue it.

Neither as a hobby or a vocation.

They are forever going on about how much fun it was when they were able to do it. But now due to work, life, family, and any other commitments (read excuses), they have given up on the one thing that brought them so much joy!

Then there is another category of people we often come across. They have wanted to learn something forever but have never really found time to do so. This set of people also tend to get behind the happening called “life” and leave their dreams and aspirations at the sacrificial altar.

In reality, we have all created our comfort zones and are a slave to routine, and we definitely know that we can break the cycle if only we get the gentle nudge, or sometimes, even a push that makes us follow our dreams and passions once again.

Most of us either belong to the first or the second category of people I just described above. We all have something that we have always wanted to do or learn but have kept it behind us because we couldn’t find enough time, energy, and courage to pursue what we were passionate about.

Let’s do a little exercise here.

As a Chess KLUB Community member, what is the one thing that you are truly looking forward to every time you attend a Chess KLUB class? Now imagine giving the same feeling to someone you care about and think will be very happy.

How does it make you feel?

The commonality of our experiences and the shared joy in doing something together has always been with us. Our friendships become stronger, relationships earn more respect when we offer someone a chance to learn something new, or get their hands at something that they were very passionate about. An opportunity to learn chess or learn a few new tricks is one such opportunity.

Referring a person to this is giving them back a chance to enjoy their passion, a new lease of life over and above the mundane and the ordinary. Every game, despite the same players, is a chance to experience something new, learn something more, about yourself and about your opponent.

Chess does that to you!

You have been through countless video games, been to the best theme parks, have played many other indoor and outdoor games.

Everything is important for your mental and physical well-being.

But nothing comes as close to chess being your mind gym. We have been enamored by chess ever since we were introduced to these 8X8 checkered board, and the love has only grown, over the years, thanks to people who have shared our passion and joined us week after week, year after year, only for the love of this game.

Chess brings focus, a silent force in your convictions, and a surge of energy to the brain.

Chess lets you be yourself for that duration of the game, where your only aim is to play to win. Chess is not a game of luck, it is a game of calculated moves, planning, strategizing, and finally executing it to perfection, all the same waiting for the opponent to make a mistake. Chess starts as a level playing field but moves on to becoming a 100% game of nerves, grit, and determination with one player dominating the other.

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The beauty of chess is that though it may seem like one player is overpowering the other, you never know what tricks the player lagging may have up his sleeves. It is hard to predict a winner in a game of chess where both players are leveled up.

Whether you are a player or just a fence sitter, chess has the ability to pull your interest in the game.

Ask any chess player and they will tell you how they are amazed at the things they learn while playing chess. To be able to make the most of any given situation, remain calm and composed even in crisis, and persistently search for the best alternative are just some of the reasons people are drawn to this board game.

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Chess KLUB Referral Program – The Joy of Giving!

You may have never played the game in your life and may have just chanced upon this piece. Or you may have been with our thriving Chess KLUB community ever since its inception, you can participate in this joy of giving.

Refer someone you know who would immensely benefit from online chess classes. It doesn’t matter if they have never played the game!

We have sessions for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. With accomplished coaches who are National Masters and Grand Masters, flexible class options, online community, customized, and highly affordable coaching, Chess KLUB membership is the perfect gift for someone you love.

Connect with us for our referral program, and you could win an Amazon Gift card worth $25/- too!

Out of the many combinations of outcomes in the game of chess, there cannot be a win-win. But, in the exclusive Chess KLUB referral program, everybody is indeed a winner!

The program is not just any referral program, it’s your way of saying – “Thank You” to someone and also your chance to be the wind beneath their wings. Giving back someone, their hobby or passion is a memorable gift and will be cherished for the longest time to come.

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