Chess KLUB Tournaments that Defined This Week – 1 to 7, August 2020

Weekly Online Chess Tournaments by Chess KLUB

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Well, it’s challenging to get outdoors and play in these pressing times, but what if we told you, that you could stay in and still play and not have a dull day?

We at Chess KLUB always promote the application of the knowledge we share with our students, practically. Our weekly Chess tournaments help our students with precisely that. Just like last week’s brilliant performances, we bring you the winners of the tournaments held between the 1st and 7th of August and some of their excellent games.

Chess KLUB Open Tournament

On the 1st of August, we had the Chess KLUB Classic Arena Open Tournament where we had a total of a hundred and eleven students take part and play some great games over three hours.

The Champion of this battle was Dron Acharya Das who played a total of 23 games and showed an impeccable performance in all. One of his most exciting games was with the runner up of this tournament, Adhvik Manoj. Although D.Das made a significant mistake on the 14th move, which gave White an advantage of 5.6 points, he managed to make up for this in the end game.

After 54 bold moves, the two opponents came to a draw by agreement. Following these brilliant minds, we had Druheen Das in the third position.

Intermediate Battle Arena

The 2nd of August saw the Intermediate Battle Arena tournament where we had 59 students give each other some cut-throat competition.

In the first place, we had Pratham Ghosh (Tintin) who played a great 19 games, having won 18 of these. This brilliant mindset the bar high and one of his most exciting games was his match against our runner up, Soham Dhavalikar.

Although this was a rather short game, the aggressive tactical skills tintin2011 displayed in these games was like none other. On the 12th move, TinTin got an opportunity to enter his opponent’s safe space, and he exploited this opportunity to the fullest. After 24 extremely attacking moves, TinTin managed to corner white’s king and finish this game with a brilliant checkmate.

Our runner up, Soham performed exceptionally through the rest of the tournament but unfortunately lacked a little in this game. Following him was our second runner up Sanjey Ramachandran who also displayed some excellent skills at this tournament.

Advanced Battle Arena

On the 2nd of August, we also had the Chess KLUB Advanced Battle Arena Tournament, where we had 15 students battle against each other for a cumulative of 3 hours.

We had  Hemanth Samayamantri as our champion for the day, who played 19 games, followed by Avighnav Vasudevan as our second runner up. Since it was the advanced category, this tournament saw many minds blowing games, but one of the most spectacular ones was a match between our champion and our second runner up here. Having blundered a pawn in the opening, and the middle game, black was at a disadvantage for a good part of the game.

Guess what?

The end game saw a turn of events and after 40 moves both these masters to claim a Draw by agreement.

The spectators sure did enjoy this one!

Beginners Battle Arena

The Chess KLUB Beginners Battle took place on the 2nd of August as well, and 44 budding chess champions take part.

The winner of this great tournament was Ayush Sarraf who played a total of 12 games, winning all his games, and was followed by Johan Chavara and Avaneesh Gorrey in the 2nd and 3rd place respectively. The most exciting match of the day was indeed the match between our champion and our runner up.

The 25th move was indeed a significant blunder executed by Black, which gave a white a considerable advantage in the middle game. However, Ayush fought his way through and with his exceptional analytical skills managed to turn this game around and gain back all the advantage in the end game.

After a long battle of 84 moves, White resigned, making Ayush the champion of the day.

Beginners Swiss League Tournament

The 3rd of August was yet another day that saw some sharp minds shines at the Beginner Swiss League Tournament which had 32 participants play against each other across five rounds.

The champion here was MLavanur who won all the five games of the day. However, MLavanur’s most impressive match was against Abheek Sanagapally. Even though this match lasted only for 25 moves, Lavanur displayed some excellent skills and managed to channel all her aggression towards this match. Taking advantage of her opponent’s blunder in the opening, MLavanur managed to convert this opportunity into a victory.

Although Abheek lost this manage, he performed exceptionally through the course of the rest of the tournament and placed 3rd. Our runner up for the day was our extremely talented Vihaan Thota.

“Avoid the crowd. Do your own thinking independently. Be the chess player, not the chess piece.”

Ralph Charell

Intermediate Swiss League Tournament

On August 5th we had the Swiss League Chess Tournament for Intermediate students where we had 49 students battle across six rounds.

The champion of this tournament was our very own Advit Gupta who won all the six games of the day. The most engaging game of the day was played between Leon Mathew and Advit, our champion. Making a knight blunder on the 19th move, Leon Mathew allowed Advit to take the opportunity of this situation, which our winner managed to convert into an impressive victory after 40 moves when Leon Mathew, unfortunately, had to resign.

Our runner up and second runner up for the day were Ritesh Bala and Vishnu Kannan respectively.

Advanced Swiss League Tournament

The Swiss League tournament for the advanced Chess students took place on the 6th of August where 13 students competed against each other across six rounds.

In the second position, we have Druheen Das who displayed a magnificent performance in his game against  Hemanth Samayamantri in the last round. Even though neither of the two players had any significant advantage through most f the game, Hemanth S, unfortunately, committed a rook blunder in the end game causing him to resign just a few moves after on the 32nd move.

The second runner up for this tournament was Oviyashree Chandramohan who had an overall score of 4 out of 6.


Chess KLUB Online Chess Tournament Winners
Shining Stars of Chess KLUB

This week saw some underdogs climb up the ladder, with sheer hard work and determination, and display some exceptional results. The improvement we see every week in our students fills our hearts with bundles of joy and always makes us eager to know about the consequences of the following week.

Hence without further adieu, we share with you the links to the tournaments of the next week:

We hope to see another round of mind-blowing performances and await your presence.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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