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Welcome to CHESS KLUB, the #1 Online Chess Academy in the World.

CHESS KLUB was started by Chess Players who had the vision to help people learn life lessons through the game of Chess and become better human being. CHESS KLUB educates & trains people in the game of chess and help them progress through the various stages by providing an all-round enriching experience, one move at a time.

Chess KLUB is an International Online Chess Academy formed with the idea of delivering world-class chess coaching and mentoring programs to prospective chess students of all ages and levels. Formed by enthusiastic and passionate chess players, CHESS KLUB gives you a unique opportunity to learn Chess online from Certified and Accomplished coaches including National Masters, FIDE Masters, International Masters & Grand Masters.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, CHESS KLUB gives you a golden opportunity to master the game of chess.

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Are you as passionate about chess as we are?

Would you like to help others learn chess and still earn a decent recurring referral income? Introducing the Partner Program from CHESS KLUB (Or as we call it The Digital Franchise Program).

Yes, that’s right!

Get an opportunity to earn a RECURRING commission, month after month by simply promoting CHESS KLUB in your circles and referring students from all over the world.

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Benefits include:

20% in recurring commissions

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Partner portal to manage & track referrals

Dedicated relationship manager

Knowledge base to answer all your questions

Perks of Being Part of Chess KLUB

1. Accomplished Coaches

With a coaching line-up comprising of National Masters, FIDE Masters, International Masters & Grand Masters, be assured to get enthralling chess coaching and mentoring sessions with a more practical and championship level approach every time. Even our basic beginner programs are well structured and customized to suit the age level of the batch.

Individual attention is given to every student by the coach. Regular lessons, homework, game analysis and discussions are a daily affair in our classes. Our unique free assessment program before you sign up gives you an insight into your level and you will be surprised to see how fast it improves.

2. Well Structured Chess Curriculum

Chess KLUB offers live online coaching and we have created dedicated classrooms and platform for all our students.

Regular assignments and recordings of classroom activities help students cover up the sessions at their own pace when they are ready to go back to them. Skill based puzzles are introduced to the students in order to keep them aware of their learning and recalling process. We also provide several resources, booklets, and printable study material to our students as part of our comprehensive and structured curriculum.

3. Robust Online Community

The chess lovers are known to be less communicative but it is not so at Chess KLUB.

We have a unique approach to community engagement and we have a thriving online community of chess students and chess coaches interacting with each other on a dedicated platform. Play a game, solve chess puzzles, ask questions, know more about other players, and learn more about chess!

Our thriving Chess Community is bubbling with lively discussions and 24 x7 Chess talk by passionate chess lovers and players of all ages, backgrounds, and nationalities. Chess offers a unique blend of play based learning and life lessons on aspects like mindfulness, winning attitude, hard work, patience, and discipline.

It doesn’t have to be overly secretive and individualistic when it comes to Chess, and we have proved it!

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4. Daily Tournaments

Play with the best of the best as Chess KLUB students engage in daily challenges. Daily challenges are simulated to resemble championship games and they provide a strong foundation for preparing for the big league. Students of all skill levels are open to play with each other and that gives them exposure and experience to reach their full potential.

The culmination of the daily events in the form of Monthly Championship is the true highlight and a huge motivating factor for most students.

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5. USCF Tournaments

Chess KLUB is proud to be affiliated with USCF, the biggest official Chess authority in the  US.

USCF Tournaments are available on a prior registration basis. They are played live on every Sunday of the month and have been a major draw at Chess KLUB. We offer several sections- Unrated, U1000, U500, and an Open Championship. Players can register and play for these exclusive members-only tournaments and improve their ratings and play with some of the best players from Chess KLUB.

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6. Game Analysis

We offer Game Analysis and Playing Partner Programs that help you reach out to a player or a mentor of higher ranking and work on the specific chinks in your game approach. A playing partner plays with you, helps you analyze your strengths and work on your weaknesses. To become a better player, this facility provides a unique opportunity to all chess players who are looking for a way to improve their game and take it to the next level.

7. Progress Reports

Regular updating of progress of students gives Chess parents a chance to observe the growth and enjoy being a part of it!

We strive to achieve at complete transparency and our unbiased approach towards all students. Our detailed progress reports are a great way to analyze the positive impact Chess is making on your child. Of course, there are several qualitative developments happening in other areas of life, and we will be only too happy to celebrate the achievements and major milestones with our Chess Families!

Chess KLUB Programs

Take a look at various programs offered by us! Want to know more? Leave us a message !

  • Group Coaching– Learn from the best mentors and experienced chess players in a fun, interactive online classroom setting.
  • Private Coaching – Experience world class training in a one-to-one set up with your coach.
  • Playing Partner Program – Work on your weaknesses and hone your strategies with game play, game analysis, and chess mentoring at the highest level.
  • Summer Camps – Make the most of your free time- learn a new skill, play chess, improve your analytical abilities!

The world of chess starts as a level playing field, but Chess teaches you how to be the first amongst equals! Learn Chess and learn how you can deal better with daily professional and business challenges.

For exclusive school, corporate packages and training sessions- contact us at [email protected]. Sign up today at www.chessklub.com/register .

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